Intake 15.11

NEWS ⚫ Anime Announcement: Kingdom (キングダム), a history manga published in Weekly Young Jump is getting a TV-anime, set to air next year. It will air on NHK and the studio is Pierrot. (source) ⚫ Anime Announcement: Date A Live (デート・ア・ライブ), a light novel series has an anime project in the works (the wording was… Read More Intake 15.11

Intake 14.11.2011

I’ve been kind of obsessed with studying Japanese grammar lately, which partially explains why I haven’t been blogging (the other element being that I’ve just been busy in general). If you’re interested in learning Japanese grammar (and I recommend you tackle that before even bothering with all but a handful of Kanji or even vocab),… Read More Intake 14.11.2011


  NEWS ⚫ Anime Announcement: New Minami-ke anime has been announced in the just-released 9th character-song CD. While there’s no further confirmation about studios or what format it will take (TV or OVA), a particular line in the announcement was “It’d be good if it was a TV-anime” suggests that it could well be a… Read More 03.11.2011


It’s November! At least, in Australian time.   NEWS ⚫ Seems the Railgun PSP game has had its release date pushed back yet again (to the 23rd of November now) (source) ⚫ Aquarion EVOL, the upcoming sequel to Sousei no Aquarion, has had its main staff announced. The director will be Kawamori Shouji again, and… Read More 01.11.2011