I always come crawling back..

Hello!Tak me now Mikasa!My name’s Washi and I’m here to talk to you about anime. I used to talk about anime here all the time, maybe you remember? Those were the days, weren’t they! I’m not sure why I stopped but, from the moment I did, a whirlwind of opinions and “insights” about anime have been building up inside me, threatening to overflow at any moment. So, to avoid running out into a crowded city street and screaming “KIRINO DESERVES HER LOVE” or kidnapping homeless people to educate them on the goings on in the Japanese animation industry, I realised I needed an outlet. Back to the blog, which wordpress was kind enough to not delete!

But it’s been so long – I’m not even sure I remember how to write anything that isn’t a work email about corporate assets. And who needs anime blogs these days? I’ll be the first to admit that nothing can compete with the mind-numbing visual overload of a tumblr endless scroll trance. And twitter gets all the goss and news well before it even happens. Could my passion be wasted here?  Maybe, but I’m not out to get internet famous and hundreds of followers – I’m just gonna talk shit ’bout anime for fun and see what happens!

Here’s a couple of topics I have lined up:

  • Shingeki no Kyoujin Speculation (Spoiler Free)
  • Aku no Hana is Awesome
  • Something something Kill la Kill
  • Other dispicable things

Please, stick around!

Hi everyone Rest assured I’m not dead yet…

Hi everyone. Rest assured, I’m not dead yet! A combination of a busy week, both with work, and planning for my trip to Japan, and being sick yet again (WHY!!?) have sucked my ability to blog recently.When I’m feeling better, which I’m hoping will be tomorrow or the day after, I’ll be able to resume things.

Which reminds me, does any one have any advice at all about accommodation in Japan?

Sorry for not posting the last 3 nights…

Sorry for not posting the last 3 nights. It’s just been that kind of week. Rest assured I’ll have one out today!

Before I do that though, I had a question. I often get the urge to talk about anime I’m watching, not just anime news, but do you think it’s appropriate to post my thoughts about the episodes and potentially screencaps in the Daily Intake posts? If I did this I would be extremely careful not to post significant spoiler material.

The other alternative is posting in the anime log format as I did in this post: https://washiblog.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/anime-log-1/

Then there’s one last alternative, which is to post them as individual (very) short posts and make it so they’re minimised on the front page (just like that Anime Log post was). I kind if have this aversion to making really short posts, even though that’s part of the reason I chose this wordpress theme. If you guys think it’s okay then I might be able to get over my phobia!

Any thoughts are welcome!

Pic not related.

If you’re wondering why I was AWOL over…

If you’re wondering why I was AWOL over the weekend, it’s because I was at my yearly local con (down in Tasmania!) called Aicon. We might not have numbers or guests (or even any good traders this year), but the great company makes it incredibly fun.

Other than being there during the day, I was drinking, watching MADs and playing VNs with friends until almost 5am on the Saturday night. Sunday night I was sleeping (had to pass up the after-party due to having important stuff at work the following day). I met some awesome new friends, and caught up with some others I hadn’t seen in a while. Hell, it’s not every day you get to hang out with Panty, Biri-biri, a Stormtrooper, a hardcore moe-loving Miner, and other assorted Bros!

But now it’s back to normality and I can blog again!