Episode Spotlight: Needless 13

  Storyboard & Director: 沼田誠也 (Seiya Numata) Animation Director: 坂井久太 (Kyuuta Sakai) Animation: 沼田誠也 (Seiya Numata), 坂井久太 (Kyuuta Sakai) It was late at night after a long week. Lying on the couch with my partner powering through a few episodes of anime,  my eyes were starting to close on their own as sleep overcame me. It was at this point… Read More Episode Spotlight: Needless 13

Episode Spotlight: Mob Psycho 100 #8

Director: 立川譲 (Toshiyuki Takei) Storyboard: 立川譲 重原克也 (Yuzuru Tachikawa  Katsuya Shigehara ) Animation Director: 亀田祥倫 (Yoshimichi Kameda) Yoshimichi Kameda is undoubtedly the pedestal animation force behind this series. Although he was responsible for the character design, he did not take up the credit of chief animation director that usually accompanies this. Generally the chief animation director is the… Read More Episode Spotlight: Mob Psycho 100 #8

Episode Spotlight: Mob Pycho 100 #1

Staff: Director & Storyboard: 立川譲 (Yuzuru Tachikawa) [Series Director] Writer: 瀬古浩司 (Hiroshi Seko) [Series Composition] Animation Director: 亀田祥倫 (Yoshimichi Kameda) [Series Chief Animation Director] If you have an appreciation of animation, Mob Psycho will grab your attention and mercilessly pound it into absolute submission. I’m still in intensive care, but they’re letting me write this post under… Read More Episode Spotlight: Mob Pycho 100 #1

Spring Season 2014

Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming, and we’re all hibernating indoors watching Japanese cartoons – that’s right, spring season is upon us! My dormant passion for anime has been stirred again, and I’m in the mood to put thoughts into words and words into the unheeded abyss that is my blog! So please enjoy my… Read More Spring Season 2014