If you’re wondering why I was AWOL over…

If you’re wondering why I was AWOL over the weekend, it’s because I was at my yearly local con (down in Tasmania!) called Aicon. We might not have numbers or guests (or even any good traders this year), but the great company makes it incredibly fun.

Other than being there during the day, I was drinking, watching MADs and playing VNs with friends until almost 5am on the Saturday night. Sunday night I was sleeping (had to pass up the after-party due to having important stuff at work the following day). I met some awesome new friends, and caught up with some others I hadn’t seen in a while. Hell, it’s not every day you get to hang out with Panty, Biri-biri, a Stormtrooper, a hardcore moe-loving Miner, and other assorted Bros!

But now it’s back to normality and I can blog again!