Hi everyone Rest assured I’m not dead yet…

Hi everyone. Rest assured, I’m not dead yet! A combination of a busy week, both with work, and planning for my trip to Japan, and being sick yet again (WHY!!?) have sucked my ability to blog recently.When I’m feeling better, which I’m hoping will be tomorrow or the day after, I’ll be able to resume things.

Which reminds me, does any one have any advice at all about accommodation in Japan?

5 thoughts on “Hi everyone Rest assured I’m not dead yet…

  1. Don’t worry to much about it you must need a lot of things before such travels. But I want a full-detail post about that trip.

  2. Nice, nice, a trip to Japan? I wouldn’t recommend staying at Ueno unless you’re pretty poor since the rooms are super small (not even kidding) and there isn’t much to do in the area. The upside to there is that it is relatively close to Akiba via the JR (don’t remember which line) and it’s close to a few good eateries, usually small shops, but also have Maccas or Saizeriya if you don’t feel like Japanese food (for some weird reason).

    1. Yeah, it’s gonna be great! While I’m not poor, there is difficulty because there are 5 of us going, and some of that 5 don’t want to spend all that much. After doing a lot of sniffing around for hotels I’m resigned to having a small room.I’m keen to stay in Ikebukurou.

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