Daily Intake 14.09.2011

Evening, everyone! How are we all? I’ve been busy, but still trying to catch up with anime. Watched some Hanasaku Iroha on the weekend, which was actually really great. Episodes 18,19 and 20 were just fantastic development for Nakochi and Minchi! I also wathed a couple of eps of IM@S yesterday – and they surprised me too! The eccentric and action-packed 8th episode really came out of nowhere!

Tonight the goal is to finish off Steins;Gate once and for all! (until the movie..) I’m kicking myself that I forgot to get a can of Doctor Pepper after work!



⚫ Well today’s biggest news is obviously the announcement of the Steins;Gate movie! I haven’t seen the final episode of the series yet, myself, however given the amount of potential story left hanging after 23, I’m going to assume the movie will follow on (and I hope this is the case!). The movie was announced prior to the episode airing by Chiyomaru Shikura, 5pb’s head via twitter (source), for which he was apparently lambasted by some fans who claiming it was a spoiler of soughts (source). It was then formally announced in a teaser following the final episode (LINK)

Exciting stuff. Steins;Gate is just another example of the new movement to the silver screen for anime.

⚫ The Idol Master OP single (Ready!! – 764PRO ALLSTARS) has now sold over 40,000 copies! The only other single from this seven on that level (over 46,000 actually) is Uta no Prince-sama’s MajiLove1000%. Beware fangirl buying power! (source)

⚫ Sunday has announced a new fantasy series from Matsuena Shun, creator of Stringest Disciple Kenichi, which will also launch with an anime DVD. The title is Waza no Tabibito, and the first release will be in colour. The announcement has claimed this new manga has been in the works for 13 years! (source)

⚫ Yumekui Merry’s author made a controversial tweet: ‘Kamisama no Memochou has issues too’ (source). The reason that is controversial of course, is the commercial (and some would argue creative) problems that went with JC Staff’s adaptation of Yumekui Merry. A couple of days ago, KamiMemo’s author posted some negative comments on their blog about the original content/changes that JC Staff added to the anime version. I think they even said they were tempted to refuse the whole thing. JC Staff has these issues because they do so many adaptations of light novels. Authors must realise that anime adaptations require changes, but if the series isn’t a success it must be easy to be blame the studio’s meddling.. I don’t often here much praise when JC Staff get these changes right. Still it must be hard for an author to see their story being handled by someone else, so I do sympathise.

⚫ A couple of days ago, some information came out of an interview about the new OreImo game, including that it would contain numerous ecchi (H) scenes! Then there was a tweet from the official OreImo Kirino twitter account saying, “I wonder who will get pregnant this time?” (link). Interesting.. but also kind of scary!







8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 14.09.2011

  1. I personally don’t feel that the KamiMemo changes were that bad at all- the only thing they mixed around was the timeline and the actual contents were pretty faithful, but to the people who had read the Light Novel it’s apparently a really big deal.

    1. Actually I don’t remember the source. There was an AkibaBlog article about a new volume being released and I just saved that picture because it was funny. But I couldn’t remember what it was.

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