Daily Intake 21.09.2011

Long time no see! Sorry for going AWOL yet again. I attended a small one-day Tasmanian convention up in the North of the state on the weekend, which was incredibly fun! Although the event was quite low-key (around 260 people, I think), the company was as good as ever! In particular, I got to meet up with some great people I see very rarely. Drinks after the fact were also awesome. I think we easily took the cake for being the loudest and most insane group at the pub that night! I also got to meet a couple of cool anime fans who, as it turns out, live just down the road from me!

I’m hoping I can drag them up to my otaku base this Friday when another friend from WA drops by for a visit! I expect there to be drinking and Weiss Schwarz! Anyway, Monday was for recovering sleep which the weekend deprived me of, and last night I went out to dinner with friends (followed by a late-night of sharing Madoka fanart with a friend!).

So yeah, I’ve been busy!



⚫ The Natsume Yuujinchou TV-anime is a fourth season which will start January next year. Will this show ever end!? (source)

⚫ Purchasing an advanced ticket for the upcoming Strike Witches anime movie will get you one of the badges/coat-of-arms shown here! There’s one for each of the witches units, including the 501st of course! They’re pretty awesome.

⚫ A Japanese fan has compiled a list of the scores given to this season’s anime by foreigners over the course of the season. The scores come from MAL. It’s interesting to see the scores compared from the start of the season (4th of August), through the middle (1st of September) to the end (21st September). Steins;Gate tops the list by the end, having risen significantly (to 9.06/10). Usagi Drop rose a little bit and took second place (8.77). Natsume Yuujinchou’s rating basically didn’t change but it still came third (8.73). Interestingly, Kaiji fell since the 1st of September (the bog effect!) but still came 4th with 8.48! Manyuu deservedly came last! (source)

⚫ Kamisama Dolls DVD/BD volume 1 release event today was cancelled due to the typhoon. (source)

⚫ Fate Zero will get same-night streaming on Nico-nico as its Japanese airdate! First episode starts on the 2nd of October! This anime is gonna be big! (source)







4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 21.09.2011

  1. Fate/zero streaming is a great opportunity. It would be great that it gets popular so more animes would be streamed like this on the future. that’s good for both companies and fans.

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