⚫ Anime Announcement: New Minami-ke anime has been announced in the just-released 9th character-song CD. While there’s no further confirmation about studios or what format it will take (TV or OVA), a particular line in the announcement was “It’d be good if it was a TV-anime” suggests that it could well be a season 4. ANN has the translated exchange that announces it here.

⚫ You can see the character designs for the new season of Saki (by studio Gokumi) here. Unfortunately, they’re not coloured yet.

⚫ The new issue of Young Gangan magazine reveals that there’s another Working!! project in the works beyond the currently airing second season! The form of this new work isn’t specified which has led to people wondering if they might be considering a live-action version! (source)

⚫ PSP Game for ‘Papa no Iu koto wo Kikinasai’ has been announced (source)

⚫ I think I heard about this earlier, but forgot about it until now. Megami has a new magazine: Megami Lily! (メガミマガジン リリィ) (Amazon link). The magazine is definitely relevant to my interest – it focuses on yuri! A really cute spread of Homura and Madoka together has got a lot of attention around the place. More pics here. There was also a feature on Yuruyuri, as you would expect.