It’s November! At least, in Australian time.



⚫ Seems the Railgun PSP game has had its release date pushed back yet again (to the 23rd of November now) (source)

⚫ Aquarion EVOL, the upcoming sequel to Sousei no Aquarion, has had its main staff announced. The director will be Kawamori Shouji again, and Mari (Okada Mari) is in charge of series composition. Interesting to see Okada Mari involved here, but I’d say its good news – she has a very strong history to back her up. In what seems to be a growing trend it has two character designers/chief animation directors: Ishida Kana and Hirotaka Marufujo. Neither of them have a full-blown representative work, so it’s difficult to gauge how this will look. (source)

⚫ This year’s comiket arrangement has been released and it reveals a huge area for Tiger & Bunny (the vast majority of that being female-oriented of course). In fact, the number of circles release Tiger & Bunny books this comiket is over 1400! This comiket has also seen a bit of a drop in the number of Touhou circles (which has traditionally been the largest parody). But there’s still more than 2600 for Touhou, so fans shouldn’t panic!

⚫ Collaboration between Fate/Zero and net-game, FEZ. Pics here. As many on 2ch pointed out, it’s not very inspiring.

⚫ The original work (manga) of Nyankoi is to be resumed! (source) People hoping for a season 2 are in high spirits!