Intake 31.10.2011

So.. remember how I said I was back? I LIED. For some reason I’d gotten it into my head that I could juggle work, studying for exams, AND keeping up with anime and blogging. Guess I forgot to factor sleep into the equation! But now the storm has truly passed and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. I’ve dropped the Daily off the post because social engagements probably mean I can’t live up to that promise. So basically they’ll be just as intermittent as they were before!

Last weekend I went HARD MODE on catching up with this season. I probably should have set the bar lower, but I can say that I’m on the frontlines of Last Exile, Guilty Crown, Haganai, and Working .. also Phi Brain for some reason. Fate Zero goes without saying .. or at least it would if I didn’t feel compelled to put my fanboy drool into human words. The series is fucking awesome. The action has been really great, and there’s a strong undercurrent of tension which I fully expect to turn into a full-blown tidal wave of badassery by the end of it all. I’m actually glad I’m not a big Type Moon fanboy in general, or I’d be doing more than just drooling (and you don’t want me to put that into words).

Guilty Crown is another stand-out performer for me this season. It’s a thrilling story of rebellion, romance and all the usual shounen coming-of-age bs, but interspliced with some nice moments of retarded writing to remind us all that it’s no Gits SAC. It feels like wants to be the new Code Geass, which I can’t say is an angle I’m fully aligned with. Another acute observation: it looks sexy as hell!



⚫ The new season of Last Exile from a resurfaced studio GONZO seems to be going upward in the amazon preorder rankings, having risen to 112. That’s not a terrible position – I do hope GONZO can at least break even on this one, although I wouldn’t say this new season is particularly worthy of being a huge hit.

⚫ Madoka Magica has actually been nominated for the annual Japan SF (Sci-fi) awards, which is quite a recognition indeed when you bear in mind that these awards aren’t just for anime or TV but literature (including manga) as well. Having a quick look at the winner’s list, the only anime that jumps out as having won is Innocence (Ghost in the Shell). The reactions on 2channel ranged from being impressed to wondering if it was a little out of place in Science Fiction! (source)

⚫ I’m not sure of what the delays have been, but if you’re a Getbacker’s fan, you might be interested to know that the mangaka hasn’t been drawing due to being in a state of depression. That much was revealed in some blog posts they made. (source)

⚫ Check out the embedded nicovideo movie here. Comparison of Saber vs Lancer from Ufotable vs DEEN.

⚫ Yosuga no Sora’s main staff are putting out a doujin at Comiket 81 with a genga (animation drawings) from that series. Here’s the pixiv page for the release: LINK.

⚫ Studio Khara says that, based on people who are getting in touch with them, Japan is considered a paradise for animators by many foreign animators. Based on their pay though, it’s more of a paradise for animation fans than people actually doing the work.. (which is a fucking shame). (source)