Daily Intake 15.09.2011

Waiting for Kaiji subs.. we’ll ride that train!



⚫ A ranking of total sales of TV-anime belonging to different anime studios from 2010 onwards. Unfortunately the ranking is only based on the total sales of the first volumes of all of the studio’s anime during that time, so it’s not a proper indication of overall revenue. Naturally, due to the Madoka Effect, Shaft dominates the ranking:

Shaft – 107364 – From memory Madoka accounts for about 75% of this.
A-1 Pictures – 107216 – Despite a number of duds they had a few strong sellers: Kuroshitsuji and Ano Hana ( and Ao no Excorcist?)
AIC – 65000 – Includes all the various AIC studios. Therefor this total is from quite a number of works. The majority would be from OreImo and Strike Witches.
P.A Works – 51000 – Strong performance from this studio, which is rapidly gaining fans. Angel Beats was their big winner.
KyoAni – 46000 – Keep in mind that they only did two anime in this period – and Nichijou didn’t sell very well at all. So this is all thanks to Keion.
JC Staff – 45000 – Quite a poor figure given the number of anime they produced in this time. I think Index would be their strongest performer, but not exactly a huge hit.
Sunrise – 42000 – Although it doesn’t specify, this figure here tells me that this ranking is TV-anime only. Otherwise Sunrise would be 2nd or 3rd. So this is mostly Tiger & Bunny.
8-bit – 38000 – Infinite Stratos only!
Production I.G – 33000 – Thank Sengoku Basara and its fujoshi following. Still, a dissapointing figure for one of the better studios.
Brains Base – 31000 – Durarara, mainly.
White Fox – 24000
BONES – 18000 – Kind of a depressing position for BONES, given how much respect I have for this studio.
Seven Arcs – 17000


⚫ Ano Hana is getting a surprise rebroadcast where they’ll show the entire series over four consecutive nights! Nice. (source). Speaking of rebroadcasts, Tokyo MX will start airing Bakemonogatari again from the 8th of October, including the DVD episodes (so all 15). (source)

⚫ The next issue of manga magazine YanGan will include a big announcement for the upcoming second season of the Saki anime. Hopefully we’ll find out the studio and staff! (source)

⚫ Volume 9 of OreImo LN sold 79,000 copies in its first two weeks! (source)