Daily Intake 28.08.2011

Sorry this daily intake is a little focused on the Negima movie..



⚫ Staff is revealed for upoming TV-anime, Another, set to air in January 2012. The studio is P.A Works (yay!), and the director will be Tsutomi Mizushima (xxxHolic, Ika Musume, Yondemasu Azazel-san). Series composition (script) will be handled by Ryou Higaki, who seems to be pretty unknown (he’s credited with a handful of Seirei no Moribito episode scripts), and the person with the task of adapting Noizi Itoh’s original designs for TV will be Yuriko Ishii. Based on this staff, I’m not really sold on this anime. Tsutomi Mizushima is a good comedy director, but beyond that.. (source)

⚫ There was an opening screening event a couple of days ago for the Hayate no Gotoku and Negima movies, which had a big turnout. The bad news is that there is quote a bit of negative commentary slung at the Negima movie from attendees. The Hayate no Gotoku movie as described as about as entertaining as expected, and was 60 minutes long. The Negima movie was 45 minutes long, and included some unfinished/shortcutted parts, particularly a scene at the end where the screen fades to white and there are only sound effects. One comment said that Ken Akamatsu should severe his union with studio Shaft straight away (which he should have done a long time ago, in my opinion). The ‘movie’ had 28 animation directors, which in this case indicates a messed schedule. We even heard from one of the animators a while back that he was shocked that they were still doing drawings this close to the opening date.

Most of the comments were less extreme but there was a general sense of disappointment, and many comments that said the plot was hard to follow, even though they had read the manga!. This echoes Ken Akamatsu’s own concerns, which he tweeted last week after seeing the final version – that parts of the original screenplay had been taken out (most likely because SHAFT’s interminable mis-management meant they didn’t have the time to complete all the cuts), which he felt made the story hard to follow as intended. He urged viewers to consider that important explanatory scenes were missing when they saw the movie (a way of saying “don’t blame me if it’s confusing” – and fair enough too!). Although he did praise the action sequences at least.

Apparently, even the pamphlet for the movie wasn’t ready for the opening.

As a Negima fan, this is pretty disappointing. Although I had a bad vibe about this movie’s production for the last few months, it doesn’t really feel like this is worth calling a movie. They should have just done more OVAs. In any case, this is yet another example of the chaos that is studio Shaft’s schedule. While their best animators were working extensively on the Katte ni Kaizou OVAs, the Negima movie was being neglected. Still, as usual, I guess they’ll finish it for the Blu-rays.

⚫ According to a post on Mizuki Nana’s blog, there’re a lot of exciting developments awaiting viewers in the second half of Blood-C! (Source)

⚫ A new Hayate no Gotoku anime work has been announced (source)

⚫ One of my favourite animators around at the moment, Seiya Numata, must have worked himself to death on the new Milky Holmes OVA. He’s covered basically the whole staff list himself! He’s credited with Director, Animation Director, Key Animation, 2nd Key Animation, and In-between Animation (obviously among others for the last 3!). But it doesn’t stop there, he also was animation director for the Opening, and for the ED he did the storyboard, direction, animation direction and 2nd Key Animation! I really need to check this out. He’s known for producing some interesting deformed animation ^^ (source)








The video for Chiaki Takahashi’s debut CD single is surprisingly erotic! Seiyuus these days, huh? That’s not a complaint.


Evangelion Q Quickening (3rd Movie) CM

Download it before it gets taken down :\

9 thoughts on “Daily Intake 28.08.2011

  1. bird dating otome? I always tough that I was open minded for stories but birds dating no please.

    Ah,the Negima film. mm saft being saft but doing it in a movie is a bit bad. Shat offices now are probably a hell full of people finishing things. Non Japanese fans will be getting the BD version that will look good but I feel bad for the Japanese ones.

  2. What are we going to do with SHAFT…? such a fantastic way for the Negima anime to go out… .___.;
    Speaking of Negima, the Magic World arc just ended~ yey~ * v *

  3. going through the ANN forums’ discussion on that miku USA design, someone brought up an interesting source of plagiarism:

    and then someone link up another entry in piapro that’s at least thousand times better:

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