Daily Intake 25.08.2011



⚫ New manga magazine Big Gangan will launch in October (on the 25th). The first issue will come with a Taneshima Poplar figure (photo), and will include two brand new manga serialisations: Ore no Kanojo to Osanajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (based on the popular light novel series), and Rinne no Lagrange (which is based off the recently announced original anime project from Xebec with story from Production I.G). There was already a manga adaptation of Ore no Kanojou in gangan Joker, but this is a new series and based on a spinoff story.

⚫ This is probably just for my future reference rather than of being of interest to anyone else, but the 2channel uri thread has decided upon the short-name for Papa no iukoto wo kikinasai!, which is Paikoki (パイコキ).

⚫ Goodmsile post on the fourth Anime Style magazine! This issue comes with Sawako Yamanaka from K-ON LINK.

⚫ The new Fullmetal Panic light novel series, ‘Fullmetal Panic! Another’ has got off to a strong start, with this week’s oricon charts revealing it has sold 28,000 in its first week. (source)

⚫ Animate are running a “Madoka Only” store in their Akiba store, taking up the 7th floor (their event space). It will go from the 27th of this month through till the 4th of September (not long, huh?). (source). Just saw that ANN described it in more detail LINK







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