Daily Intake 31.08.2011

Right! Back with a new post! This one turned out to be pretty time-consuming. Hopefully I’ll still find the time to watch some Steins;Gate tonight. I’ve got a lot of work to do over the comings weeks :\. On the upside, I got my Misaka Imouto figma! I had fun getting her into a cool pose, and took a few pics (included at the bottom of the post).

Funny story, I was at my local video story today returning a video that was grossly overdue (turns out they’d already invoiced me for it so I got to keep it haha). THe guy in front of me was returning Evangelion 1.0 and Vampire Knight. I was tempted to compliment him on his taste, but the inclusion of Vampire Knight made that impossible! But, more interestingly I noticed a Spice & Wolf pic of Horo taped to the wall behind the counter on the opposite side of the desk area. And next to that was a Strike Witches one with some notes, presumably from staff. Pretty sweet. I would’ve asked about it but I doubt they had any connection to the fat, grumpy middle-aged woman who was there at the time.



⚫ So Code Geass Gaiden Boukoku no Akito appeared on Ebay in the last couple of days, with a release date of November. So by the looks of it, it’s an OVA rather than a TV-anime! Code Geass fans may be disappointed? (source)

⚫ Nice interview with the president of Nitro+ LINK

⚫ Seiyuu Mako has left her agency, Spacecraft Entertainment! You might know Mako from her roles as Yurie from Kamichu! or, more recently, Kana from Koe de Oshigoto (will Kana change agencies too?). I think Mako has an adorable voice and I have been surprised with the lack of roles she’s had after Kamichu!. So it’s probably a good thing she’s leaving (and she says she’s already found a new agency too!). Sounds like Spacecraft is letting its assets down, as Hirano Aya recently left there too (although I think she can accept a lot of the blame for the direction her career has taken).

⚫ New website is up for the Strike Witches movie. There’s no real content on there yet, but it’s a start! LINK

⚫ MX will be airing both episodes 9 and 10 of Sacred Seven back to back on the 2nd of September! (source). By the way, Sacred Seven is awesome; you’re missing out.

⚫ Hideki Anno says that anime is the best medium of expression, and that Evangelion couldn’t be properly expressed in any other form, stressing that he doesn’t want to see it made into a live-action film. I definitely agree with him, and I’m not surprised to hear him say this, but it’s interesting because there actually are plans in motion for a Hollywood Evangelion to be made.. (link)

⚫ Ken Akamatsu was on twitter ruling out a rumour that started going around on the net saying that the animation work on the movie was delayed because he finished his plan for the movie later. He said that it’s completely wrong, and his plan was submitted ready for work to begin back in January! Yes, I would not expect Ken Akamatsu to be the weak link in the schedule here. Interestingly, he also iterated his reluctance to meddle and directly oversee work on his anime adaptations due to a worry that it would cause problems for the schedule and production. Maybe it’s about time he took a different approach.

In related news Komori Hideto, director of the Hayate movie that was paired with the Negima movie for promotional purposes (they even shared a joint opening screening) has come out on twitter and said that from the very start, the Hayate movie’s schedule was even more chaotic than Negima’s, and the only just made it on time. I don’t know what prompted him to come out with this.. (link)

⚫ From an interview with Gen Urobochi published in the last couple of days: 絵が可愛いから脚本もそうだと思った?残念!俺だよ! You thought that because the art was cute the story would be like that too? Tough luck, this is me we’re talking about!. Man, I love Gen Urobochi. I’ve gotta admit he had me going for a while with Madoka, with all the subtle trolling that he was weaving into his interviews before the anime started, saying he wanted to make a heartwarming and cute magical girl story and the like.

⚫ The Working BD Box entered the rankings this week with an impressive 33, 600 copies sold! That’s excellent..







Awesome figma is awesome!

Also, my good friend @Crimotaku gave me this sexy-as Kuroko mousepad!

13 thoughts on “Daily Intake 31.08.2011

    1. lolol.. didn’t know that. maybe he’s not really trolling and tries to start writing nice stories but they just end up dark haha

      1. He is said to have a very negative perception regarding to the way things naturally plays out. The idea of “trying to rectify the mistake but just ends up deeper into the fire” seem to be quite common in his stories.

        This is why I’m so looking forward to the story in Fate/Zero. With the ending already established, he has tonnes of freedom to let his inner dark energy flow without making it too unbearable. Hopefully he’ll be helping out with the screenwriting if not taking up the role himself, so that there won’t be another butchering to his script and his ideals.

        Then again, the best trolls are the ones that you can’t tell if trolling or not.

  1. Wow, is that Railgun ecchi/ero seriously official?? Where is our OVA of all that material???

    Also, nice Razer mouse! ha Now you can grope Kuroko to your (or her) heart’s content.

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