Daily Intake 27.06.11


⚫ Some details out about the next season of working. Apparently it will be called Working’!!. Yeah, there’s an apostrophe in it.. Semi-colons, stars and exclamation marks I can handle, but I draw the line at arbitrary apostrophes. Other news is the OP theme: Coolish Walk, sung by the main characters (like the first season’s OP, which, by the way, this has no chance to top!). Same goes for the ED, which is called “Itsumo no you ni LOVE AND PEACE!!” (Like always, Love & Peace!). There’s also designs for some new characters LINK

Speaking of Working!! the BD Boxset will come with character commentaries for all episodes! That would be fun!

⚫ An official Madoka Magica camera with QB on the camera body and an unusual function to insert images of the Madoka Magica charcters into the photo.. I’m with those who liked the case but think the camera function to be pretty stupid. I like the QB-styled carry case as well! LINK

⚫ Important announcements coming for manga D-Fragments and Iris Zero (source). Possible anime news?

⚫ Live events for Ryo-kyu-bu and Kamisama no Memochou were held in which the first episodes were screened. I had a look at summaries of people’s opinions of the episodes and they generally seemed positive. In the case of KamiMemo – it seemed to be universally liked with a lot of high praise! That’s good news. Ryo-kyu-bu had the usual comments of the characters being cute and the quality being good, but there were a few so-so comments too. (source)








This guy did some pretty trippy cinematography filming these cosplayers at this year’s Fanime. Trust me, it’s quite impressive (and includes some excellent cosplay too, obviously!).