Daily Intake 25.06.11


⚫ screenaps and character design artwork for the upcoming fantasy JRPG-adaptation anime, Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki (Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky) here. This anime seems promising because of the staff involved, which I’ve talked about quite a bit before. The visuals are looking really good, and the involvement of .Hack//Quantum staff definitely has me on board.

⚫ Another somewhat disturbing tweet from the author of the Infinite Stratos light novel series, “Reality is unbearable, someone please help me..”. And it wasn’t a in jest or anything, but seemed to be a pretty serious comment. A lot of people are wondering what’s wrong. It’s quite concerning. Life seems to be tough for him despite the great success of the IS novels and anime. Women troubles perhaps? I suppose we all have to live in this harsh reality in which Char doesn’t exist ;_;.

⚫ In response to the ongoing trouble that Fractale’s mangaka sparked by saying in a blog post that the manga wasn’t interesting, a fan has thrown his Fractale goods in the bin and posted a rant. He said that he really liked Fractale and bought the BD and the manga, but to have the mangaka himself say it isn’t interesting is an offense. I pretty much agree with this stand-point. Although Yamakan’s response seemed a little heavy-handed, at the end of the day, why would fans want to buy a manga that the author doesn’t even find interesting? (source). On this topic, Yamakan has been engaged in a war over twitter for the last couple of days, and others have weighed in, including noitamina’s chief producer, and (indirectly) Ken Akamatsu, who noted that mangaka’s doing manga adaptations are in a tough situation.

⚫ The average noitamina TV-ratings for this season were 2.63 (and the last night was 3.2). This is pretty favourable, and is the best it has been in the last 5 seasons (although the Moyashimon drama and Shiki combo was close at 2.56). (source)

⚫ Good news, everyone! (I’ve been watching Futurama) Kannagi is resuming its serialisation in Comic Rex this July! It has been on break for some time now due to the author’s illness. (link)

⚫ Someone made up pie-charts for anime DVD/BD sales for each season going back to Winter ’10. I’m not going to translate them all, but if you can read the titles, check them out here. Madoka Magica has had the most hegemonic victory in the last 2 years! It’s interesting that total sales varied a lot, with the biggest season being Spring ’10 (AB, Working, Keion – which all had a similar market share). That season the total was 180,000, whereas last season it was 148,000.







Carnival Phantasm OP

Pretty awesome opening.. reminds me of that Galaxy Angel OP.


Carnival Phantasm PV


Persona 4 PV

A proper PV showing footage! It’s looking pretty hot!

16 thoughts on “Daily Intake 25.06.11

  1. A lot of people that view your blog would probably be interested in this gem that got posted yesterday.
    Its a 5 min long PV for what looks to be a fall season series, Kyousogiga. It looks absolutely beautiful!

    1. I believe Kyousogiga is a movie, though I forgot when it drops in Japan–maybe next year.

      Interesting that Toei still is able to produce an original content, given their recent franchise mindset. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it myself.

    2. Yeah! I actually stumbled accross that shortly after I did this post! It’s a really amazing PV! Thanks for posting it.

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