Depth in Anime – Photography, Compositing and Animation

So I watched the first episode of A-1 Picture’s ‘Granblue Fantasy the Animation’ last night. Not sure I’m a fan. Like so many other anime these days, Granblue appears to be a victim of its own ambition. On the surface of it, it has all the hallmarks of a big-win production – ornate, beautiful characters, battle… Read More Depth in Anime – Photography, Compositing and Animation

Episode Spotlight: Needless 13

  Storyboard & Director: 沼田誠也 (Seiya Numata) Animation Director: 坂井久太 (Kyuuta Sakai) Animation: 沼田誠也 (Seiya Numata), 坂井久太 (Kyuuta Sakai) It was late at night after a long week. Lying on the couch with my partner powering through a few episodes of anime,  my eyes were starting to close on their own as sleep overcame me. It was at this point… Read More Episode Spotlight: Needless 13