I’m Still Alive/ Thoughts on the Current Season


Hello everyone,

You might remember me as the author of this blog. I thought I would drop in again to announce the revival of this blog! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted here, especially because I had such a good routine down with the daily posts before. But life got busier and more interesting and I somehow lost the time to be able to blog regularly. It’s been a good interval; I went to Japan, had a great time, and came back with a long-distance girlfriend who’s as awesome as she is far away.

It’s a real shame because the daily entries were also an excuse for me to stay on the cutting edge of anime news. I’m still near the edge, but perhaps not the cutting edge. But my interest in anime hasn’t diminished! Of course, I’m still watching anime, talking about anime with friends, and doing all the usual otaku crap. Lately my tastes have swung back into the in-depth realm of sakuga. By that I mean studying and appreciating charismatic animators and animation.

The anime industry is a fascinating beast, populated with some very odd, talented and ambitious individuals. I know this now more than ever, after hours (hours and hours and hours) of obsessive reading on the masterful website ‘Anipages‘. Go read the whole damn thing, I dare you! The author, Ben is a living knowledge-dispenser when it comes to anime, and his professional command of the English language makes it an addictive read. I’ve even been inspired enough to run a panel at my local convention about animation and the industry.

Ah, right, I said something about a revival, didn’t I? Like Gandalf, I will rise from the ashes [of a smoldering Balrog corpse] and take a new form! Rather than the jittery news-based approach I was doing before, the blog will feature sporadic, but more detailed and interesting posts. And by sporadic, I mean once every 3 or 4 weeks. So, please, sit back with a nice glass of Cognac and a good book and let’s enjoy the slow-lane together!

Actually, while I was writing this notice, I almost finished what will be the first post: Studio Trigger and Hiroyuki Imaishi in Black Rock Shooter. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.


But before that, let's get to know each other again. Let me share some thoughts on the current season. The first thought that springs to mind is that it's kind of average. Maybe it's just average when compared with my own personal preferences but the only shows that have engaged me are Black Rock Shooter, Rinne no Lagrange, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, and Nisemonogatari.

I'm sure there are other anime out there I can tolerate, but that's not really enough for me these days. Papa no iu koto wo Kikinasai, which I expected to be a fun loli-fapservice kind of anime, instead turned out to be a charming and strangely awkward story of fatherly love. Bummer. I don't think I dropped anything else this season, but that's only because you have to pick things up before you drop them. Ano Natsu seemed good, but wasn't my cup of tea.

Highschool Boys has served me well as the comedy of the season, with guaranteed laughs every episode (except maybe episode 2). Nisemonogatari is probably my favourite – it's cleverly envisioned, engrossing and also very playful with its gags and fanservice. I might do a post on that soon too. You'll find out my thoughts on Black Rock Shooter very soon. Rinne no Lagrange has been consistently entertaining, if forgettable.

How are you guys enjoying things so far?