Intake 14.11.2011

I’ve been kind of obsessed with studying Japanese grammar lately, which partially explains why I haven’t been blogging (the other element being that I’ve just been busy in general). If you’re interested in learning Japanese grammar (and I recommend you tackle that before even bothering with all but a handful of Kanji or even vocab), then check out Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese grammar. Although I was familiar with a lot already, his explanations really clarify a lot of things, and he definitely tells it in a way that makes it easy to remember and put into practice. I’ve been talking with some Japanese people lately, and decided what was really needed was concentrated reference sheet for all the grammar structures, so I could double-check syntax and grammar quickly and easily. I’ve started making a PDF. Check out what I’ve got so far here if you’re interested.

Obviously, I’ve missed covering a lot of big news, the two that come to mind are:

  • Madoka movies being announced. 3 movies in total, with 2 as recap (are we that forgetful, really?).
  • More KoreZom anime coming.

How do you feel about the Madoka movies? I’m not sure I’m ready to trust SHAFT to put something together of cinematic quality (but I guess given the new wave of anime movies, the idea of a cinematic standard has definitely started to vanish). I hope they’re willing to pull in a lot of people for this project.



⚫ Persona 4 has a theater production announced!? (source). It starts march next year at Sunshine theater. The tickets are rather expensive at 10,000 yen for premium tickets and 7,000 yen for reserved seats.

⚫ Big news came out of the Tiger & Bunny event yesterday: a movie-version was announced! It will be released next year. (source). I’m not a fan of that show, but I’m happy for all you fans out there!

⚫ There’s serious concern about Japan signing up to the TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) for the sphere of doujinshi. The problem being that it grants the police the ability to prosecute for copyright infringement, (without it being approved or initiated by the actual rightsholder themselves). As you may know, events like comiket, and the broader doujinshi industry as a whole, relies on the fact that there’s an unstated agreement between manga/anime companies and the fans that they have the freedom to draw derivative, parody works. It’s a system that’s helped the industry vastly, promoting the works of published authors, and fostering the talent itself. Because Japan doesn’t have allowances for fair use in its copyright law, this change to the law would mean there’s no guarantee you couldn’t be prosecuted for drawing a parody work.

⚫ Yutaka Uemura, who directed Dantalian no Shoka announced on twitter that they have gone freelance. The circumstances around them leaving aren’t known (whether it was them wanting to leave following the current GAINAX exodus trend, or if they were fired), but it’s bad news for Gainax either way. Dantalian no Shoka, like Panty & Stocking, sold very poorly (well below the manabi line of 3000 copies per volume). (source)

⚫ Recorder to Randoseru will be airing on TV Saitama, KBS and online via niconico, but the air-time announcements reveal that it’s just a 5-minute episode affair!! Damn, this looked funny. (source)







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