Intake 16.10.2011

Hello, world! I have returned from a busy week of work and study! I haven’t quite hit the light at the end of the tunnel yet, with exams coming up shortly, but I’m near enough to put my feet up more often and return to blogging! Actually, I have managed to keep up with this anime season quite well. As some of you might have discovered, that’s a lot harder than it sounds. There’s a plethora of entertaining anime airing this season.

What are other people watching? Personally, I’m sold on Guilty Crown, Haganai, Fate/Zero, Working!!, Shana, Phi Brain, Persona 4 and C3! I doubt I’ll even be able to finish off all those..



⚫ Noitamin’s opening night this season had ratings of 2.6%! That’s one of its strongest openings in a while. Perhaps Ano Hana has raised awareness of the timeslot again, or the newspaper ads have had an effect! Good news for Guilty Crown. I can tell a lot of effort and money has gone into that anime, so I want it to succeed! (source)

⚫ Volume 1 DVD & BD of Idol M@ster will come with the storyboard of eps 12 and 14. You can see a couple of the storyboard pages here. Frankly, they are quite amazing – even if it is for an ED.

⚫ With the season underway, let’s take a look at how the anime preorders are fairing by checking the Amazon bestseller list. As of yesterday, Persona vol.1-3 are at the top of the heap, followed by Haganai (Boku wa Tomodahi ga Sukunai), Working!! and then Horizon. Let’s see how this changes as the season powers along. (source)

⚫ The back of the packaging of the game the characters play in episode 2 of Haganai contains a nod to Steve Jobs in the fine print! You can see the quote and the image here

⚫ This year’s Ryousei festival attracted a record crowd, a significant portion of which was the estimated 3000 Ano Hana fans who turned up for the collaboration the festival organised with the anime, which included Seiyuu from the series gave speeches. (source)