Daily Intake 11.09.2011



⚫ An anime adaptation has been announced for the mobile game Sengoku☆Paradise, which start on TV Tokyo on the 3rd of October. It seems there was some comment on the cast list being poor because only 3 of the seiyuu are very well known. Of course, this anime doesn’t interest me because it is aimed at girls, much like Sengoku Basara.

⚫ The number of appearances of male seiyuu has been tallied for the past year. There weren’t any that were miles ahead of the pack, but the top 3 were:

Miyano Mamoru with 88 roles (no surprises there)
Okamoto Nobuhiko with 85 roles
Kakihara Tetsuya with 84 roles


⚫ Yoshiyuki Tomino has announced a new work (Gundam), and its ‘codename’/working title is “G Reco”. You might recall some time ago he started talking about a new story revolving around a ‘space elevator’, which seems to have a lot of thought put into it as a setting. It looks like that is for this. (source)

⚫ After the success of the first game, a new continuation PSP game has been announced: “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai P”. The story will be all-original content (with supervision from the creator). (source) I wonder if this is a sign we’ll get more anime too!







Anime Janaika

Yes, she is a squid girl. And yes, I want one.


One thought on “Daily Intake 11.09.2011

  1. Sengoku Paradise huh? Too much sengoku related female oriented anime lately. I prefer more oreimo (as long as it goes on the otaku direction) .and the Fate poster is so mmm pretty they just need to add the “original story Urobuchi gen. this is not going to end happily” but maybe the image is already telling that.

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