Daily Intake 11.09.2011



⚫ An anime adaptation has been announced for the mobile game Sengoku☆Paradise, which start on TV Tokyo on the 3rd of October. It seems there was some comment on the cast list being poor because only 3 of the seiyuu are very well known. Of course, this anime doesn’t interest me because it is aimed at girls, much like Sengoku Basara.

⚫ The number of appearances of male seiyuu has been tallied for the past year. There weren’t any that were miles ahead of the pack, but the top 3 were:

Miyano Mamoru with 88 roles (no surprises there)
Okamoto Nobuhiko with 85 roles
Kakihara Tetsuya with 84 roles


⚫ Yoshiyuki Tomino has announced a new work (Gundam), and its ‘codename’/working title is “G Reco”. You might recall some time ago he started talking about a new story revolving around a ‘space elevator’, which seems to have a lot of thought put into it as a setting. It looks like that is for this. (source)

⚫ After the success of the first game, a new continuation PSP game has been announced: “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai P”. The story will be all-original content (with supervision from the creator). (source) I wonder if this is a sign we’ll get more anime too!







Anime Janaika

Yes, she is a squid girl. And yes, I want one.