Daily Intake 09.09.2011

Hello again! How are we all? I’ve been thinking this week, prompted by the exciting news coming out about Guilty Crown and chatting with friends about the next season’s anime lineup. I’ve come to the realisation that 2011 is definitely the strongest year for anime for a good 4 or 5 years. We’ve had consistently good anime from season-to-season, and, most importantly, it’s been a big year for original anime, which have burst back into significance with the massive success of Madoka and the strong performance of Anohana. Fall season promises some more good original anime, and even the return of Gonzo with Last Exile! Great stuff.

I’ve also been enjoying anime a lot lately, with the Afterwork Anime Alliance *click*, a coalition of hivemind individuals intent on enjoying the fuck out of anime by watching it synchronised via skype. Like a boss.

Also, just a casual reminded that Carnival Phantasm is awesome: Carnival Phantasm is awesome!



⚫ Mawaru Penguin Drum episode 9 was directed, storyboarded and animation directed by Takeuchi Nobuyuki, who is a prominent director over at studio SHAFT, heavily involved with Bakemonogatari, Maria Holic, Ef, Negima and Natsu no Arashi. He is often credited as “visual director” and he’s certainly one of the prime suspects of propagating the “SHAFT Style”. Many comments on 2channel went along the lines of “Ah, I thought it seemed Shaft-esque”. So keep an eye out when you watch the episode, for things like this:

For Shaft anime, I think those those warnings at the start of the anime should go “Please sit at least 3m away from your TV in a well lit room with your TV turned to a 90-degree angle”.

⚫ Guilty Crown’s ED, and vocals in the BGM music will be done by a 17-year-old newcomer to the industry, Chelly (チェリー) [they probably mean Cherry but as they spelled in Chelly in romanji, I’ll go with that for now), who apparently won over Ryo from Supercell from a large pool of audition candidates. I look forward to seeing (or hearing) the start of her career! The ED is titled “Departures? Anata ni okoru ai no uta” (source).

By the way, in an interview, Ishikawa Mitsuhisa (long time core I.G creative staff member) said that in the past 20 years they have been fostering and compiling towards an ultimate work. What could it be? He didn’t specify, but I wonder if he’s hyping up Guilty Crown? Personally, I’m already overhyped after seeing the PV below!

⚫ The hype is less strong for Un-Go it seems, with 2ch comparing the aura of the CM to Senkou no Nightraid, the poor failure from A-1 Pictures as part of the Anime no Chikara program. They seem to be predicting sales of 2500. :\. I’d like to think it will do better than that! 2ch is so negative these days.. (source)







Guilty Crown PV

I.G..Original Anime.. Fuckwin PV.. I like what I see!


3 thoughts on “Daily Intake 09.09.2011

  1. Mawaru animation is quite special but this shaft-like episde was even more great (I think I’m going to rewatch it ) It is the most special animation one in this season without Shaft tv anime.

    I’m wondering about the 20 years ultimate work.

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