AMV: Eat me Alive (Bakemonogatari)

by EllipseIris. link.

As a seasoned AMV fan, I’ve just gotta say this AMV is great! Good music and a combination of skillful scene selection, timing and editing make this the most engrossing Bakemonogatari AMV I’ve seen so far. The matching up with the tone and tempo of the music with different scenes is right on the money.

5 thoughts on “AMV: Eat me Alive (Bakemonogatari)

  1. I think the key as to when I select a MAD is whether:
    1. the selection of the music fits the theme of the series or not. It’s like an argument paper. I appreciate a different take of the series if the music/video can shed light into that aspect. Something that seem to be missing in a lot of AMVs. If the lyrics actually fits the video then it’s another 5 folds of improvements.
    2. The focus on altering the visuals than just the standard video shaking and such. I tend to love to see something that looks natural and not too artificial.

    Don’t take me wrong, while I love that track and I appreciate the technical levels of the work put into it, this AMV just doesn’t “click” for me. :P

  2. Anyone can take a song with lyrics that vaguely match the theme of an anime and whack them together. Personally, that’s not a concern for me. To me it’s much more about the way the music and the video flow together, and how the texture of the imagery and the tones of the music create mood and atmosphere.

    To each his own though. I’m probably a rare case in that I don’t really care about lyrics in music, except in very rare cases where they’re actually good. The music itself (including the vocals) holds all the energy and emotion for me.

  3. The reason i very much enjoy this AMV is because of the quality of the work. While the lyrics and such don’t related, it the flow and pacing of every cut, shake, and pan that makes it work really well with the music.

    That’s not to say i don’t enjoy the occasional song-anime mash up, but this tooks like it took an eye for quality to put together, rather than just trying to connect similar themes.

    Now if someone to do an AMV to this quality AND make it relate it to the song, they get extra points. Though that rarely happens, at least to my knowledge.

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