Daily Intake 08.09.2011

Just a quick one today I guess!



⚫ This season, noitamina has expanded the number of stations broadcasting its anime, to an impressive 15 channels! (source). Unfortunately, I can’t remember how many stations it aired on in previous statements, but all the comments on 2channel suggest it was a big enlargement! Also, an episode 0 of Un-Go has been announced, which will not be shown on TV, but will instead be shown in select cinemas from the 19th of November (so far they only specified TOHO cinema). (source)

⚫ The author of Dantalian no Shoka made a blog post because they felt compelled to explain the circumstances behind the cancellation of the release of volume 9 and the OVA. He chalks it up to the fact that he had originally written it to end prior to this, due to the cessation of the serial in which it was published (The Sneaker), but there was a period of limbo from the editorial department regarding his series being picked up again for a bit longer. When he did get a proper decision they needed him to rush it, and he went back to them and said it was unreasonable. Seems like he’s not on bad terms with Sneaker Bunkou (not to be confused with the cancelled The Sneaker), where Dantalian was going to be extended, and there are arrangements underway for him to continue Dantalian.







Steins;Gate PV


ED for Fate/Zero

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