“Daily” Intake 07.09.2011

Hi all! Now that I’ve crawled my way out of the boggy depths of assignment hell, I have some time to blog again!



⚫ You can view a preview of ClariS’s next single on Dengeki’s official OreImo site here. Unfortunately I had connection problems trying to play it, but what I did hear sounded pretty groovy. ClariS have yet to disappoint. The OreImo imagery was nice too! If I recall correctly, this singly also contains the new nendoroid theme song done by ClariS!

A gallery of the special store bonuses customers in Japan can get for buying Mawaru Penguin Drum. Stores in order: Gamers, Animate, Toranoana, Sofmap, HMV. I think they’re all posters, and the art is really cool!

⚫ So after a mere hour of being open for reservation on Amazon, the new Madoka official book (PRODUCTION NOTE) sold out! These days you’ve gotta be quick to be a materialistic otaku! (source)

⚫ So Dantalia no Shoka had an OVA planned to be released with volume 9 of the manga, but both have been cancelled. Interestingly, the regular edition of the 9th volume has also been cancelled, so it doesn’t seem like it’s a matter of poor sales for the anime. Just what has happened here?(source)

⚫ Weiss-Schwarz Fans listen up! Here’s a list of new extra sets that have been announced!

    Fate -Zero
    Persona 4
    Guilty Crown
    Dog Days
    DC III

I’ve gotta say Guilty Crown and Nichijou are a surprise! Although the article I read did say extra boosters, I wonder if some of them will actually be full booster sets (as it’s an unusually large number of extra sets to announce)

⚫ Guilty Crown has been confirmed for 2-cour! (source). I guess that’s what they were referring to back when they said that more 2-cour noitamin anime will be coming in the future.

Koe de Oshigoto! Manga to Bundle Portable Mini Game

Megaupload link for Ufotable’s opening for the game Tales of Xillia. It’s fucking awesome. Ufotable kick so much ass these days it’s getting scary.







Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana Talk About Lolis

11 thoughts on ““Daily” Intake 07.09.2011

  1. haha, that oreimo guidebook cover is such a tease, you just know they’re wearing strapless bikini’s but still, too sexy to pass up, ha

          1. haha, very true, jailbait is an excellent choice of term, perhaps it’s a western construct? since the age of consent tends to be higher in the West?

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