Daily Intake 01.09.2011



⚫ Nice Animelo Summer Live Day 1 report LINK

http://www.un-go.com/08movie/index.html PV up on the official website for next-season noitamina anime, Un-Go. The art looks very sharp and it has a good aura about it. Still, I think Guilty Crown is going to come out on top!

⚫ Apparently they’re holding a “Cosplay Picnic” event at the Maritime Self Defence Force’s Ozuki Airbase. The offer a list of series that are on-theme, in catergories such as “military mecha series” and “works that match the atmosphere of the base”. There’s quite a range, but there is one interesting note: Hetalia Axis Powers cosplay is disallowed. I’m guesing that’s because of the potentially politically sensitive deal of the JMSDF overseeing the parodying of other countries. Or maybe they just want to limit the fujoshi turnout www. (source)

Interesting look at how many copies the Official Guidebooks to some of the biggest anime series sold:

    Tiger & Bunny              ¥980    26,212部
    Madoka Magika           ¥2,000   18,827部 (二日集計)
    Bakemonogataru          ¥3,150  15,096部
    To Aru Kagaku no Railgun     ¥1,890   14,271部
    Keion                   ¥1,679   7,874部

When you consider that the Madoka Magica is only the total 2 days after release, it’s pretty clear who wins this round! Tiger and Bunny’s 26,212 is pretty impressive, but it is half the price! Interesting that Keion didn’t sell that many.. maybe Keion fans really are in it for the music!

⚫ Some observations from the latest weekly BD sales figures:

    – Yondemasu Azazel-san actually sold pretty well. Volume 3 has sold 5,930, which is pretty damn good for something that doesn’t try for any kind of otaku appeal.
    – Nichijou Vol. 3 sold 2,200 which is abysmal for KyoAni.
    – A-channel volume 4 has only sold about 3,659. It’s funny, that show felt like a huge hit at the time.







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