Daily Intake 24.08.2011

So yeah, not much news today. At least there wasn’t when I wrote the news section of the post..

So yeah, I watched Redline with some friends on Saturday night, and let me tell you: It is FUCKING AWESOME. I’m talking buy-tier awesome here. I’ll grab the Blu-ray when I’m in japan for sure. The animation was dripping with character, style and energy, and the whole thing had this mad sense of humour that made it relentlessly entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, I just got off a Skype call with a mate in whivch we watched the first two episodes of Carnival Phantasm. I’ve gotta say, it’s been a long while since an anime has made me laugh that hard with that frequency. It’s top stuff. The meta animation jokes in the Taiga’s dojo segments are genius. Kishi Seiji does comedy LIKE A BOSS.

This is a good time for anime, especially looking at the anime chart for next season!



⚫ Kikaibanashi Hanakaikyuu manga published in Shounen Jump, will finish with next week’s issue.

⚫ Survival Strategy cap from Cospa LINK. It’s not the actual awesome penguin hat, but actually a fairly normal hat..

⚫ Someone on 2-channel presented an interesting and somewhat saddening argument: that the need for Anison artists is rapidly disappearing. Looking at the success of anime song singles recently, and the number of anime this season that are sung by the cast, it seems that the era of seiyuu units is now upon us! 8 anime this season are sung by general bands, 8 by seiyuu and 4 by anison groups. Also, 3 are seiyuu + Anison, and 3 are seiyuu + general. The bestsellers were the Blood-C ED (64,653), Utau Prince-sama (40,908), and Idol Master (33,520). The rest have sold under 20,000. I’m just annoyed that by far the best single this season, Stone Cold by Fiction Junction, didn’t sell millions of copies. (source)

⚫ On the topic of anime songs, this week’s oricon charts reveal that Ro-kyu-bu’d OP single sold over 17,000 copies (ranked 10th), and the 2nd IM@S OP sold 7K. Not bad! By the way, the character songs for Yuruyuri sold 1938 for Akari and 1685 for Yui. I guess Akari has presence after all! (source)

⚫ This month’s anime figure magazine scans! LINK Quite a big month – lots of nice previews. I’m eying off that Astarotte~







Nyancat Piano Cover

I always love good piano covers!


Nyancat Piano Cover



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