Daily Intake 23.08.2011

I’m baaack! Sorry, I’ve been overloaded with shit to do lately.



⚫ Ufotable, in conjunction with Aniplex, is starting an interesting new project: Anime Bunko (Anime Library/Collection), which is a series of DVD/BD releases of anime OVA adaptations. The first release will contain a new anime version of Yuri Seijin Naoko-san, Minori Scramble, and Gyo. Some staff are listed on the homepage for the project LINK. Interestingly, it looks like the talented animator, Tetsuya Takeuchi is credited with every staff position on Yuri Seijin Naoko-san (same as the first OVA, I guess?)!

⚫ TV anime adaptation of Inuboku Secret Service (妖狐×僕SS) is confirmed for broadcast in 2012! I’ve seen bits of the manga here and there and it looks interesting. (source)

⚫ Yuruyuri live event to be held on the 30th of October at Yokohama BLITZ with 9 members of the cast listed as entertainers LINK

⚫ A new Prince of Tennis anime has been announced (source)

⚫ Some confirmations of 2-cour anime next season: Shana Final (24 eps), Fate/Zero (25 eps), Mirai Nikki (26 eps). The other anime next season are one-cour only, it seems. It’s odd though, I thought I had heard that Horizon was going to be a 2-cour series (source)

⚫ So the new .Hack project I blogged about last week has been unveiled. I foolishly thought it was going to be a game, but it turns out to be something very unexpected: .Hack/The Movie! That sounds awesome – but it’s a 3D CG movie. There are visuals and a trailer out for it, so have a look with your own eyes and see what you think. Personally, another OVA series would be of more interest :\ (source)

⚫ Some BD sales figures from this week: Hanasaku Iroha volume 2 sold 7,512; C volume 1 has sold on 1,180; most disappointingly, Astarotte no Omocha vol.3 has sold only 1,102. (source)

⚫ The staff and cast have been revealed for the upcoming Berserk movie from Studio 4C. I’ll just translate a few of them: Toshiyuki Kubooka is director, Ichiro Okouchi is doing the screenplay (Code Geass, Turn A Gundam), Naoyuki Onda is designing the characters and is the chief animation director. Sawatoshi Iwataki is credited as the Action Director. (source)







Ben・To PV 2


Ho-ka-go Tea Time Train


7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 23.08.2011

  1. Is Prince of Tennis going down the Ippo route where he has to defend his title now that he is the national champion and is on a godly-tier?

    1. yeah I thought the same haha.

      Just picture resting your wrists on.. someone’s elbow. Breasts would be much more comfortable!

  2. I’m not a idolmaster fan or didn’t watch or follow the whole series, but Hibiki is from the look and now from the picture my favorite XD..

    @mousepad.. it’s quite weird o_o”

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