Daily Intake 17.08.2011 / Comiket 80 Day 3

So much to do, so little time!



⚫ Yuruyuri author, Namori-sensei has started drawing 100 individual special gift illustrations and has been posting them on twitter! People have been impressed by the speed at which the quality, signed drawings have been coming (in fact it’s likely that they were pre-drawn). Namori tweeted that the Yuruyuri Song Series went on sale today, but I’m not exactly sure when is going to be done with these illustrations. I’m sure they’d be the envy of many fans. (Source)

⚫ Original anime Rinne no Lagrange is coming in 2012, with the main director Satou Tatsuo (Cat Soup, Tokyo Tribe 2, Shigofumi), director: Toshimasa Suzuki, Series Composition: 管正太郎 (who I can’t find any information on, other than that he’s obviously with I.G – could be an alias?). Interestingly, it’s produced by both Production I.G and Xebec, but sadly Xebec is credited with production while Production I.g is credited with original work. A manga for this anime has also been announced for Young Gangan magazine.

⚫ Narita Ryougo (author of Durarara and Baccano) will write a Bleach novelisation! (source)

⚫ Black Rock Shooter animation drawing (genga) collection book coming out on the 28th of October! LINK

⚫ Interview with Nirgilis LINK






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