Daily Intake / Comiket 80 Day 2

Yeah I know .. I missed a post yesterday and Comiket day 3 has already concluded. However, I’m limiting this post to stuff from day 2 because I am a mere human and still haven’t mastered using two computers simultaneously for the kind of efficiency that would be required to trawl through such a huge morass of information.

Before I run out of time again, I may as well say a bit on the anime I’ve been watching too. I’ve taken the first step towards catching up with Steins;Gate by watching 4 episodes on the weekend and I’m not regretting it at all! The series had definitely become much more engaging and the plot is unfolding nicely. I’m still unashamedly enjoying Sacred Seven as well. Screw the haters! I caught up with Idol Master, and that’s on the road to improvement as well. The last two episodes haven’t focused on a particular character so they’ve been better.



⚫ Aki Toyosaki blogs that they’re inn the progress of doing a new song for the Keion movie right now and that a preview will be streamed from the 3rd of September! (source)

⚫ An official announcement of a Hidamari Sketch season 4 is up on TBS’s website LINK

⚫ Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is getting a PSP game! Seems like every anime now is getting a PSP version. I guess I’ll have to give in and invest in one! (source)

⚫ The Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai BD releases will come with a special episode 0, and you can check out some nice screencaps of that at Akibablog!LINK. There are swimsuits!

⚫ Light novel ranking for July puts Dengeki Bunko’s Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei at the top of the pile for the releases that month (Spice & Wolf was 2nd, and Baka Test was 3rd). People are starting to say it’s a good candidate for an anime adaptation.

⚫ A Touhou Doujin anime was released at Comiket 80, and is quite impressive. The full 15 minute anime can be seen on youtube LINK. The opening song part was released a while ago, so I guess the plan was to extend upon that.

⚫ Comiket stuff: Apparently there was also a problem with counterfeit money and an underage person was caught by staff trying to buy an 18+ book!
Someone also overheard a girl of around the age of 10 there with their parent asking what a Tenga is. One of the more amusing, but also a bit sad, things to come out of this comiket is the story of this doujinshi. Luckily Sankaku Complex translated the comments so I don’t have to!

⚫ Amagami SS Season 2 has been announced.







Madoka PSP Game PV

Pretty awesome PV! QB promises us full henshin scenes for all the girls which led to the suggestion that Madoka will be a magical girl in the game. So I’d guess that this is just set in one of the many loops that they go through (they also did say that it has a different story to the anime).


Boke wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai PV


Shana Final (season 3)




Ika Musume Season 2 PV


Fate/Zero PV


5 thoughts on “Daily Intake / Comiket 80 Day 2

  1. Forgot Ika was getting a second season. Wonder if they’ll have more episodes like that dramatic art/silent film episode.

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