Daily Intake 13.08.2011 – Comiket 80 Day 1

As most of your probably know, the biggest thing going down right now is summer Comiket (the 80th comic market)! Today is day 2 of 3, and the opening day delivered plenty of interesting stuff, eye-opening cosplay and enough loot to make your head spin with envy! I haven’t been before (I’m going this winter), but as usual I enjoyed following comments and photos on twitter, as well as digesting the swath of blog-posts that came out that night! I’ve included some of the amusing and interesting findings in this post.



⚫ More bad news for Gainax; it seems that ADV is taking them to court over some dispute regarding their rights ownership to make a live-action. Read the ANN article for the whole story, but basically it seems like they need the courts to declare the extent of their rights to the Eva universe. In most cases I’d say “fair enough, they’ve paid for it”, but because I see most distributors like ADV as pointless middle-men, assume the Evangelion movie adaptations will be travesties AND have a fondness for Gainax I’m not happy about this.

⚫ Seiya Numata is directing Milky Holmes ‘summer special’! (source). I can’t remember if I’ve done a post about him specifically, but I’ve gotta say he’s one of the most interesting young animators out there today! As usual, the best way to get acquainted with an animator is to watch one of their MADs: LINK.

⚫ ‘The Art of PSG vo.2’ doujin to be released at Comiket 80. This is a staff book with the following contributors: Imaishi Hiroyuki, Yoh Yoshinari, Koyama Shigedo, and Nishigori Atsushi. Interesting that 3 of these guys have now left Gainax.. (source)

⚫ Release dates for the 2nd and 3rd instalments in the Carnival Phantasm (Take Moon anime adaptation by Ufotable) are out: 28th of November, and late December! That’s great news that they’re coming out relatively quickly! (source)

⚫ A short original anime work by Hatsune MIku’s character designer, KEI in collaboration with studio GONZO has started free distribution on Nico-nico (as of a couple of days ago actually). It’s called Kobihan, and if you don’t have a niconico account, you can watch an embed of the first episode here. The first episode was pretty fun, and the characters are really cute! It’s about a girl baseball player. “Pantsu wa Seigi!”

⚫ Interesting.. Newtype and Ufotable are starting up an anime awards! They’ve launched a website (http://anime.webnt.jp/ – top right banner) where people can vote for their favourites on the internet! There is an award for best anime, director, and male and female seiyuu. Votes will be open until the end of September. Now we just wait and see whether Yamakan will get the best director award!

⚫ Seiyuu Mayaa Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura are getting married! Great news!

⚫ An OVA has been confirmed for Hoshizora he Kakaruhashi to be released on the 21st of December!







It’s not all about doujinshi and cosplay! Official booths showed trailers for upcoming anime!

Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon PV2


Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon OP


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai




Kimi to Boku


Infinite Stratos OVA


Hidan no Aria PV

12 thoughts on “Daily Intake 13.08.2011 – Comiket 80 Day 1

  1. Summer is not the best season for an Erio cosplay. I want to go to comiket too. I want a good post about that winter comiket of course.

  2. Hopefully I will get to see you at C81. :D

    Also, I am looking forward to the new Working series. I only found out about it like last week when I was on 4chan. I was so happy. I didn’t think that they would do another season.

    1. Haha you’d better be there or I’ll never forgive you!

      Yeah the first season was so cute and fun! But they changed the staff for season 2 for some reason

        1. That’s cool! Maybe we could meet up. I’m always keen to meet new people!

          Good to know about the photos thing. I’ll play by the rules haha.

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