Daily Intake 09.08.2011



⚫ More staff information has been revealed for the exciting new Production I.G TV-anime for the coveted noitamina timeslot: Guilty Crown. We already knew that the director was Tetsuro Araki, series composition was by Hiroyuki Yoshino, Ryo was handling the music, and redjuice was doing the original character designs. Now we know that the anime designs are by Hiromi Kato, with series animation direction handled by Toshiyuki Yahagi and Satoshi Kadowaki. Interestingly, there’s a credit for ‘main animators’, which I don’t see very often: Kyouji Asano, Takaaki Chiba, and Yusuke Takeda.

To be honest, the names of these animators don’t ring any bells for me, with the exception of Satoshi Kadowaki, who left Kyoto Animation around when Ordet was formed by Yamakan and worked with them on a number of projects. He was the chief animation director for Kannagi. Judging by the past work of Toshiyuki Yahagi, it looks like he’s quite the accomplished I.G animator! The anime has my attention for its sleek, promising designs and interesting staff. (source)

⚫ The OP theme for Last Exile will be Buddy, composed by School Food Punishment and sung by the lovely Maaya Sakamoto. (source)

⚫ A replacement program has been started for the second volume of the Astarotte no Omocha BD, which erroneously came with mono audio!! (source)

⚫ It’s been announced that Madoka Magica will be getting a PSP game: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable (Great title!) for the PSP. Standard addition will be 6480yen, limited edition will be 11900 yen! It will be available on March 15th. Nitro Plus is involved (along with Namco Bandai), so I guess this is the ‘new work’ they talked about a while back. (source)

⚫ Sales for the new Nichijou OP: 6269, which is done from the 9000 or so copies sold for the first single. Sacred Seven OP by Fiction Junction is the winner on the weekly charts at the moment selling 7682. (source)

⚫ Mamoru Oshii talked very enthusiastically about the the way in which Madoka Magica gripped the hearts and minds of so many fans when it was being televised, comparing the stories ability to captivate to Evangelion (clearly exaggerating a little ;p). It’s one of many praises for Madoka Magica that highlight it as an important original anime. (source)







Makken-ki! PV


2 thoughts on “Daily Intake 09.08.2011

  1. Urobuchi being Urobuchi Haven’t him trolled us enough? So the new madoka thing was a game. Interesting. Mono audio? It remembers me of SNES times 15 years ago.

    I’m not very confident about the designs of the new ; game really.Somehow It lacks the diversity in different character that Steins;gate has.

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