Daily Intake 07.08.2011

Just a quick one today – got a bit of a headache >:3.



⚫ Singer/Seiyuu Minori Chihara will be singing the Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon – Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere opening theme: Terminated. (source)

⚫ The TV adaptation of Maken Hime! starting on TV this October (source)

⚫ A bit of an update on the Imaishi/Yoshinori situation. I’ve been talking about it with the author of the blog ワゴンの神様, who informs me that Imaishi was pulled on over to Studio Khara by Anno and that Yoshinori You has gone to Production I.G, although it is being kept under wraps. I’ve also discovered that Sushio has indeed left Gainax as well. This is a pretty big loss for Gainax, and suggests there’s an internal problem.

⚫ This issue inspired me to do a bit of looking into the history of Gainax (not for the first time, mind you). I found this interview/article to be pretty interesting and included some information about the company I hadn’t heard before – like the fact that Evangelion was in fact the first thing to actually make money for the company!







Sakuga Mad July


New Toaru Hikoushi he no Tsuioku PV

6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 07.08.2011

  1. Well, if that info is true, then goodbye Gainax, it was nice knowing you. But then again, isn’t Khara closely linked to Gainax anyway, Eva connections aside? Maybe the studio itself doesn’t plan to die a silent death after the Rebuild movies are finished.

    Sushio’s freelancing now, then, since he was last on Pendrum #5. Yoshinari going to IG still seems farfetched to me; maybe he wants to move on to directing or something. Anyway, I agree–this is a huge blow to one of my favorite anime studios ever. They still have quite a bit of talent left in-house, but when the top creative mind is gone, I doubt they’re going to produce something incredible anytime soon.

    1. I don’t think it’s as closely linked as you might think, at least not any more. GAINAX were credited with in-between assistance in Eva 2.0, but Sushio and Yoh Yoshinari also did key animation. Now that those two are gone it seems that the link is pretty much historical for practical purposes, although I’m sure Hideki Anno has some kind of working relationships with at least someone still at Gainax.

      The fact that they picked up Imaishi suggests that they are planning something new.

      Yeah, they may not die off, but it may be some time of mediocre adaptations before they get back in the game. I would prefer to see Imaishi and Sushio at Gainax than how things turned out..

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