Daily Intake 06.08.2011

Sorry for this latest hiatus. Unfortunately, I’ve been extremely busy with work the last few days so haven’t had time to watch anime, blog, or even keep up with the flow of anime news. I shouldn’t even really be taking tonight off either, but I’m just dying to get back in the fray! THis post will only cover the last couple of days at most, because I would be hear for several eternities if I tried to catch-up completely.

With that said, feel free to contribute and let me know of any interesting developments I might have missed over the week!



⚫ If you’re a big seiyuu fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the main cast list for Guilty Crown (the upcoming original noitamina TV-anime by Production I.G) has been revealed LINK. Personally, I can’t really keep up with the seiyuu fandom, but it’s good to see Kana Hanazawa in yet another role! It’s been a good few days for seiyuu news actually, with casts lists also revealed for Ben-to, and UN-GO.

⚫ Aim for the Top (Gunbuster) is getting a Blu-ray boxset release in Japan! LINK It comes out Feb 24th next year and some appealing extras like new audio commentaries and short movies, a 100-page booklet, and much more! Can’t see any mention of subtitles, but if they are included this is a definite purchase for me. Even though I only saw it recently, Gunbuster has a special place in my favourite anime!

⚫ I hadn’t heard until today, but it seems like there’s a possibility that both Hiroyuki Imaishi and Yoshinori Yoh have left Gainax. It’s unconfirmed, and the rumor started last month when an animator talked about a farewell party. Since then, it seems Imaishi has disappeared from the staff listing on Gainax’s homepage. While I’ll wait for further news before getting too riled up, I’ll say that this is a pretty big loss for Gainax if it’s true. You’re probably familiar with Imaishi, who’s an awesome animator and director, and you may know that Yoshinari Yoh is one of Gainax’s best animators. Gainax has plenty of good animators still, but Imaishi will leave a creative vacuum for sure. His career at Gainax seemed to be going so well, it’s hard to work out the reason behind him leaving. We could get a new studio out of this! Yoh Yoshinari may have joined Studio Khara..

⚫ This year’s World Cosplay Summit seemed to be a big success: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com.au/interest/2011-08-06/japanese-mayor-governor-cosplay-as-dragon-ball-yamato-villains

⚫ Yuruyuri has stormed the HMV Bestseller ranking, reaching 3rd place, after Madoka Magica (1st) and then the Star Wars boxset. LINK

⚫ The broadcast lineup for Fate/Zero has come out, and it looks very favourable! (although TBS seems to have passed on it for some reason).

    TV Tama
    Tochigi TV
    Ginma TV
    BS-11, and others

⚫ The reviews for R-15 on Amazon.com are terrible .. the majority are one star. Luckily some pervert game it 5/5 to give it a 1.5 star average haha LINK. I only watched one episode, but I’ve gotta say it didn’t seem THAT bad!

⚫ From the 8th, nico video will be streaming a collection of past anime series for free! The series they’ll be showing are: Ika-musume, Fate/Stay Night, Inukami, Dororon Enma-kun, and Arakawa Under the Bridge seasons 1 and 2. (source)

⚫ A sake brewer is releasing an anime label for Ano Hana! (source)







7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 06.08.2011

  1. I’ve heard about Imaishi and co. leaving Gainax about a month ago, and I still find it hard to believe. I mean, his career over there has been going very, very well, and I bet there’s also some sort of studio loyalty involved. I just can’t see him leaving. Yoshinari, Sushio, I can, but I just can’t imagine Imaishi himself going away.

    Yoshinari had worked on Gainax’s Dantalian (ep 1), but I don’t know if he’s still employed there or a freelancing job. Sushio’s been out and about lately too.

    1. The timeline for Dantalian episode 1 was almost certainly such that it was completed before Yoshinari was supposed to have left. You can go to the Gainax website and see for yourself that Imaishi, Yoshinari AND Sushio don’t seem to be listed under the Gainax employees any more.

      Sushio hasn’t worked on any Gainax anime since Panty & Stocking. He worked in IM@S ep 1 for director Nishigori who has evidently left Gainax as well.

      I couldn’t imagine Imaishi leaving either. The notion that he had to leave because Panty & Stocking sold poorly doesn’t seem plausible to me, however given that so many have left it sounds like there are some internal problems at Gainax, and/or he is planning to start a new studio….

  2. R-15 started off meh-ish…but I just dropped it afterwards, IMO it’s just…stupid..so I’d give it 1 star well… >u >; but those beams of light are pretty sexy~…! <: 3

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