Daily Intake 31.07.11

Hi guys! How was your weekend? I didn’t get the opportunity to watch as much anime as I would have liked, but I did get some important stuff organised. Accommodation for my Japan trip is all paid for. I do still need to get a new passport, however! I did catch up on Mawaru Penguin Drum, which hasn’t disappointed yet, but perhaps hasn’t become as interesting as I thought it could have. I also watched more of Itsuka Tenma and Mayo Chiki, both of which I’m finding entertaining. Steins;Gate is still the anime that I think I have to catch up on the most.

I have noticed another shitstorm brewing as TAF has been announced for March next year again. I hope none of you missed out on Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s censorship bill drama, and the industry boycotting of the Tokyo-run Tokyo Anime Fair that followed. Sadly, the terrible Earthquake caused both TAF and it’s new rival, ACE to be cancelled. There has been no word on ACE yet, but I really hope that they go for it again!

Not a lot of textual news from today, but hopefully there’s enough in this post for a quick read!



⚫ The official website for the anime adaptation of Another is open! Looks like a supernatural mystery/thriller story. The anime is airing on TV next year and the original character designs are by Noizi Itou!

⚫ Yururui OP single reached 30 in the charts – not too bad!

⚫ Continuing with their combined marketing, there is a collaboration website for the Hayate and Negima movies, which currently has a PV up for the two films LINK. Honestly, I’m pretty underwhelmed by these previews. They certainly look more of an OVA caliber than an anime for cinema. I wasn’t expecting top-grade animation, but at least a little spectacle wouldn’t have gone astray.

⚫ A nice gallery of the yuruuri author’s drawings of other anime characters! LINK







Ben・To PV

Preview for the anime adaptation of Ben・To. It has a decent aura and some good animation. I’m expecting to enjoy this. This will be the first David Productions TV-anime I’ll have seen. David =Productions was founded in 2007 by ex-Gonzo president Kouji Kajita.


Astarotte no Omocha PV

Looks like we definitely get to see the steamy Shota love-story that started it all!


fripSide「Heaven is a Place on Earth」PV PV

Preview video for the new Fripside single. I hadn’t heard any of the song up until now, but all I have to say now is: yet again, it sounds almost exactly the same as Only My Railgun – just not as good. They’re not exactly on a good musical trajectory.

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