Daily Intake 27.07.2011



⚫ A thorough gallery of animation fixes that the Blu-ray release has graced Madoka Magica with! LINK Some of these shots were changed a lot.. and for the better. It annoys me that SHAFT can get away with such a sloppy production model, as they did with Bakemonogatari. But at least they follow through in the end I guess :\

Ooura Furuka is getting married! (source)

⚫ A list of anime movie box office takings shows the Sora no Otoshimono movie collected 60 million yen! Not bad at all. I also notice that Gits Sac SSS 3D got 250 million. The second Macross F movie reached 700 million. (source)

⚫ Anime adaptation announced “Kill me Baby”, a manga serialised in Kirara Carat check it out here. Sounds like it could be funny.

⚫ Good guide (in English) to buying tickets for the Nana Mizuki live concert in December. For those lucky enough to attend! LINK

⚫ Some good quality scans of Umakoshi’s recent book. His illustrations are really magical and captivating! Shame the article is in French. LINK

⚫ AkibaBlog’s gallery on some of the more unusual or miscellaneous figures displayed at wonfes LINK

⚫ And here’s their ‘Bishoujo’ figures post! LINK. There’s definitely some cute and sexy figures in here. But of course some of the best figures we dedicated to everyone’s favourite Madoka Magica characters: Charlotte and Kyuubee!







New Persona 4 PV

The website has also been updated LINK and it has been confirmed as a 2-cour series!

8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 27.07.2011

  1. Elsa Maria seems bloodier. and yeah Fate Zero. Let’s wait to get our second dose of Urobuchi in anime format.

    Gits movie is quite popular. Maybe they do a 3rd season that would be great.

  2. The IM@S Amazon ranking is fairly misleading as the item it is listing isn’t the real limited edition BD. This: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B005DVVUW8/, which hasn’t left the top 5 best selling videogame ranking since it debuted, is the “real” limited edition BD and what most Idolm@ster fans would buy; it even comes with the official box/case to keep all the BDs of the show, something that the normal limited edition BD doesn’t include. It’s listed in the game ranking rather than the DVD ranking, though.

  3. Can anyone think of someone who’s missing?

    Ana Medaiyu from “Overman King Gainer”.
    Hydra, Pharm and (maybe) Chorus from “UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie”.

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