Daily Intake 25.07.2011



⚫ The Blu-ray boxset release of Kissdum R-Engage planet- will include an extra episode! (source – with some screencaps)

⚫ For those who were curious, some crazy fans took upskirt snaps of the Madoka figures at Wonfes LINK

⚫ The Railgun manga seems to be waning a bit since the end of the Imouto arc, to the dissatisfaction of a number of fans (myself not included). Since the last chapter of that arc we’ve had a month with no new chapter, followed by two chapters following a short side-story, and an extra fillery chapter. Although last month promised that a new story arc would begin, instead the latest Dengeki Daioh came out with a short 8-page entry for Railgun which seems to be a promotion for the PSP game and a message telling fans to wait just a little longer. Honestly, given the caliber of this manga so far, I’m willing to give the author as much time as they need to work on the new story (as long as it doesn’t end up like Berserk!). (source)

⚫ lol Amazon put Idol Master 2 for PS3 in the “Animal Rearing game’ category! Very flattering! Looks like they’ve fixed it now!

⚫ Nitroplus president, Dejitarou, said in a panel today that there could be another Madoka work on the way! (source)

⚫ The Nanoha trade booth isn’t listed on this comiket’s lineup, much to everyone’s surprise! In previous years, the Nanoha booth has been a big attraction and the extreme rate at which it sells out has become an ongoing joke (last time it sold out in like 20 minutes iirc). The first reaction to the news that it isn’t attending C80 is that it’s sold out before comiket has even started! Shame, no sexy Nanoha or Fate merchandise! I hope they’ll be back when I’m there next year! (source)

⚫ Someone tallied the parodies for this comiket. Once again it’s clearly dominated by Touhou (I think even more than last year, actually), and there is a huge showing from fangirls. Touhour has 2808 books to its name, with the next-highest parody being Hetalia with 1302. Most of the top 10 are series popular with fujoshi ( for example: Prince of tennis, Sengoku Basara, Gintama, Durarara). Nanoha puts in a good effort again with 370, d Madoka Magica has prett healthy 236. (source)

⚫ Sexy (NSFW) screencaps from the Koe de Oshigoto PC Game that came with volume 6 of the manga! LINK Good service, and I like the idea of a PC game as an extra.

⚫ Dengeki Online’s Wonfes gallery LINK

⚫ Akiba Blog’s gallery of Wonfes figures, including many non-industry (fan-made) ones! Includes NSFW figures, but an good collection of images! LINK. I like so many of these…







5 thoughts on “Daily Intake 25.07.2011

  1. What is that thing on the last Wonfest link with the 250 Yen and 300 Yen papers? Also the second figure is so realistic.

    I thibk it is interesting how a fandom not so popular outside Japan like touhou is so huge-popular inside Japan

    mmm more madoka? I don’t know what to think.

    1. According to the signs they’re glass-piece popcorn (the left side is caramel popcorn). ┐(‘~`;)┌

      As for more Madoka, they will be referring to a spinoff of some kind I’m sure, so it’s not too bad.

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