Daily Intake 24.07.11

Today’s big news was obviously one of the biggest otaku events of the year: wonder festival (summer)! As usual I enjoyed the event as best I could from the comfort of my own home by eagerly watching the stream of tweets with photos and news of new figure releases. Although I’ve been very restrained lately in terms of buying figures.. there was just so much greatness on display today that I think I’m ready to dive back in to my old habits! I think I mighty do a seperate gallery post to cover my highlights rather than cramming it in here.

I also watched some anime over the weekend. I’m loving Sacred Seven more than ever, and I’m consistently surprised at how action-packed it is. Episode 3 introduced some pretty interesting new characters and also featured shockingly accurate English! It was clearly a real English speaker. Also, I’m become a huge fan of the OP song after I looked up the full version. The PV is awesome and it’s a full 6 minutes long! I’ll append it to the videos section :D.



⚫ If you’re a fan of the idol group, SDN48, then you’ll appreciate these genuinely sexy gravure photos! LINK

⚫ Came across this review of the first issue of the newly-restarted Anime Style magazine, which focuses on the animation production side of things (one of my biggest areas of interest, as you might know). Each issue also comes with I was really keen to get a hold of this magazine but sort of lost interest when I realised that they wouldn’t allow it to be shipped overseas from Amazon. This review renewed that interest! I’m determined to get volumes 2 and 3 now! By the way, Wonfes revealed what the nendoroid petits would be for following issues (after Nadia): Ed from FMA and Ruri from Nadesico! Awesome..

⚫ Someone did a bit of location spotting for Mawaru Penguin Drum LINK. If it weren’t for this evidence I would have assumed that those settings were just surreal creations of the art team!!

⚫ Anime Announcement: Today’s Wonfes event announced a new anime adaptation – Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (what a mouthful!). There’s an accompanying video. I looked into the original work behind this adaptation: Muv Luv is originally an adventure game series, and Alternative Total Eclipse is a series of novels in the franchise.

⚫ Since the announcement of the PS3 Idol Master game, the Amazon ranking of the first BD volume has fallen but the preorders for the game version are extremely healthy (ranked 2nd after the Macross F game+movie). (source)

⚫ There’s a new PV for Phi Brain on the official website. It actually catches my interest.. LINK

⚫ Photos from Umakoshi’s animation book, covering his work for Doremi and Precure LINK. It has lots of great coloured art as well as genga. I think this would be a good one to own.







Nendoroid theme song: Anata ni Fit by ClariS

A song included on ClariS’s new single, Nexus, is the new official themse song for the Nendoroid series!


stone cold / FictionJunction PV


4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 24.07.11

  1. Was actually going to tell you to check out Sacred Seven’s op after checking it out yesterday but guess I was too late, lmao.

    And ClariS’s new single is alright too; I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

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