Daily Intake 21.07.2011

Haven’t had a chance to watch any more anime yet! Might be able to squeeze in a couple tonight!



⚫ These Tiger & Bunny merchandise are so classy.. LINK I’m surprised there aren’t cufflinks too! The necklace certainly isn’t cheap .. ~19,000 yen!!

⚫ New Hunter X Hunter TV anime adaptation announcement (source). People are thinking that it will follow the Ant King (or whatever it’s called) arc, which will probable mean that arc will be ending soon. There’s no more official details as of yet.

⚫ Idol Master 2 comes out on the PS3 on October the 27th (source). In other Idol Master news, I just found out that it will have 13 volumes and 25 episodes (source – link also has the episode numbers for almost all other anime this season). I guess it was kind of obvious it was going to be 2-cour, but I hadn’t really thought about it. Given that it was near the top of a list of most disappointing anime this season (Japanese poll), I do kind of worry about its sales.. I actually quite like it. Btw, there was a similar ranking of anime opinions from foreigners and we apparently find Blood-C the most disappointing (I can agree with that!).

⚫ On the 05 of this month, a staffer blogged that he was in meetings and working on the animation for the Negima movie, and described that the condition of still completing animation when the movie is set to be release in only 2 and a half months as extraordinary (source). Yet another example of SHAFT being a sloppy and unprofessional studio.

⚫ The second Macross F movie will be released on BD on the 20th of September. Once again, it will be packaged with a game and come with extras such as pamphlets and posters. (source)

⚫ Some preview pictures of the booklet that comes with the first volume of Hanasaku Iroha, including Genga and storyboards. LINK








6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 21.07.2011

    1. Most are 13/12. Still, these days 2-cour anime are starting to come into fashion again. Even noitamina is considering doing more.

  1. I wouldn’t worry about Idolm@ster based on that one poll; everyone in 2ch/Japan makes fun of Biglobe polls because they allow for multivoting and are mostly a small amount of people abusing the system for the sake of trolling. They’re also the same polls that said that Japan’s most trusted anime director is Yamakan.

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