Daily Intake 17.07.2011

Sorry for having another off-week guys! Again, I was quite busy, and I kept finding I’d be too tired to do a post by the time I got around to it. It did occur to me last night that if I don’t have the time to do cover everything for the day, I should still do one with as much as I can squeeze in! In any case, I promise an on-week this week.

But at least I haven’t let my anime duties fall to the wayside. I’m forging ahead into the new season (at the cost of precious Steins;Gate time, sadly). Today I covered Idol Master (eps 1 and 2) as well as Mayo Chiki 2. Yesterday I checked out Nekogami Yaorarozu (which was cute) and the first episode of Mawaru Penguin Drum (which was awesome). Although I admired the unique approach of Idol Master’s first episode, I enjoyed the second one far more, because the characterisation felt quite over-the-top.

But the best thing I’ve been into recently is the fourth novel of the Twelve Kingdoms series (By Ohno Fuyumi). I really loved the 12 Kingdoms anime – it’s really notable for its strong heroine and absorbing fantasy world. I loved it enough to check out the first novel, and I’ve now made it through to 4. I found the 4th novel was the best yet, and it finishes off the arc that the anime couldn’t – which was extremely gratifying.



⚫ I heard you like Bunny Girls (NSFW Cosplay gallery) LINK

⚫ The guidebook is out for Wonderfestival 2011 to be held on the 24th of July. I’ve obviously never been to Wonfes but I love looking through all the many pictures of fan-made figures, from the bizarre, to the erotic, and even the funny! The industry releases are usually a pretty eye-opening glance into the future as well! Definitely looking forward to this~ LINK. Also Wonfes related – some preview pictures of new figures to be on exhibit there from Chara-Ani LINK

⚫ Minami-ke has a ‘big project’ in the works. There aren’t any firther details at the moment which leaves us to speculate on what that might be? Another season of the anime? An OVA? Given that the sales of the last 2 seasons were at an average of around 5000(compared with 10,000 for the first season), it’s probably more like to be an OVA.. but who knows? (source)

⚫ In an interview, Ghibli staffer said that they tend to hire actors to play their characters lately because you can feel a certain uncomfortableness in pro seiyuu’s voices. They also said that Ghibli films are close to live-action movies. As others on 2channel commentors said, this seems like a load of crap. They use actors rather than seiyuus because of the ‘big name’ effect and I’m a little concerned that they would consider being close to a live action film a good thing. Why not quit being an anime studio at that rate!? (source)

⚫ An additional Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA has been announced.

⚫ Noitamina got 2.4% in its second week of the season. An improvement!

⚫ NSFW: Screencaps from the new Railgun/Index cosplay AV. Honestly it doesn’t look too bad. If anyone sees it online, let me know XD LINK

⚫ GSC Mikatan blog did a nice photoshoot of the new Madoka Nendoroid (comes with QB). I love the QB-box at the end! LINK

⚫ The list of artists appearing at this year’s Animelo has been released (source). Glad to see that fripside are back (though I’m not sure what new stuff they can perform). Of course JAM Project are there, May’n, ELISA, Yukari Tamura, O-KYU-BU (the ro-kyu-bu OP), Phantasm, the Yuruyuri OP artist. Overall, it looks pretty decent.

⚫ Ume Tentei’s doujin circle’s listed a doujin in the comiket 80 catalogue: A book for Kyuubee illustrations and commemoration of the end of the broadcast ! Just like last time he release a Madoka Doujjin, I expect this to cause some degree of madness at comiket!

⚫ A Cage Named “Maturity” — On “Puella Magi Madoka Magika” LINK An book academicaly analysing Madoka Magica! Now that it has one of these kinds of books, claims that it joins the ranks of Gundam, Evangelion, and Yamamoto as a social phenomenon gain a little more credence (A LITTLE).

⚫ Yamakan said he’s withdrawing his claim of retirement that he made back before Fractale started. No surprise there at all. LINK I did see a comment in that post to the effect of ‘even if he chooses not to retire, will anyone put him in charge of more anime? The answer is, stranger things have happened, and one commercial failure isn’t such a big deal.

⚫ A couple more details regarding upcoming adaptation of jousei manga, Chihayafuru: it’ll take Kaiji’s timeslot and the director is Asaka Morio who, I think you’ll agree, is quite prolific and has a lot of experience under his belt to deliver a strong anime series.







Br0m and 5c0rp10n – .cream

Totally love this AMV. It’s just a shame it’s so short!


6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 17.07.2011

  1. I think one of your links isn’t working.
    In my heart, Nanoha > Madoka forever.
    And that Ohana dakimakura is great.

  2. Well, if the statement didn’t come from Miyazaki, Takahata, Toshio Suzuki or any other top guy at Ghibli, then I’d take what that guy said with a grain of salt.

    1. Indeed. I couldn’t be bothered going back to the original source and finding out who it was, but I don’t think it was one of the big names.

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