Daily Intake 10.07.11

Gradually journeying through the new season’s anime! Today I watched R-15, which was reasonably enjoyable. The fanservice was quite good, but the usual sales-encouraging censorship was present. I think I’ll turn my attention to Itsuka Tenma next!



⚫ After their first episodes aired, both Kamisama Memochou and Ro-kyu-bu rose in the Amazon bestseller ranking, suggesting the some viewers were moved to preordering them! On the other hand, I hear that Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usago (which I haven’t seen yet) didn’t make a similar ascension.

⚫ In an interview, producer for Nichijou, Itou Atsushi commented that although they’re having organisational troubles, the staff are boarding together and working vigorously on the anime. Kinda surprised to hear something like that about a Kyoto Animation series. From what I’ve heard and seen the production quality hasn’t let slip, despite the disappointing sales. (source)

⚫ In other Nichijou news, it’s looking like the EDs will be changing with each episode!

⚫ The author of Zero no Tsukaima seems to be seriously ill and has gone into hospital for 8 days for major surgery. (source)

⚫ A study of 728 people in the industry found that in their 20s the average salary of an animator in Japan is 1,100,000 yen, which can climb to an average of 2,130,000 yen in their 30s.

⚫ Macross F live concert streamed over Playstation network with 3D avatars of Sheryl and Ranka. This sounds awesome.. LINK

⚫ Even though Ao no Exorcist only broke through 300,000 sales mark last month, it’s now gone past 400,000!!







Guilty Crown PV

First PV for upcoming Noitamina anime by Production I.G. This is the most promising trailer I’ve seen in a while!!


6 thoughts on “Daily Intake 10.07.11

  1. So I make more money than an animator does. Although I think I’d rather have their job. It must be a fulfilling occupation for them because that is their dream! They should be paid more though! It’s a shame and I hope it’s corrected someday since I’ve heard their low salary has been a problem for a while.

    1. Don’t the best ones (by that I mean the guys who regularly get jobs in feature films, ie Toshiyuki Inoue and such) get fixed salaries? I seem to have read that somewhere.

      Anyway, it’s a tough call, really. Obviously you don’t enter animation in Japan if you want to get rich quick, and it’s a question of whether you love it enough to pursue it or not. They should have better compensation for the amount of work they do regularly, at least.

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