Daily Intake 08.07.11

I watched Sacred Seven last night, and I have to admit I was pretty happy with it. After hearing so many people bitch about how cliche it was, I found it highly entertaining and packed with thrilling action sequences with good animation. Sure, there are cliches, but it’s all part of the fun. I’ll definitely watch on.

For some reason I also watched Nyanpire. I kept seeing its name pop up around the place so I thought it might be worth watching. I was wrong. At least I saw Gonzo’s name in the credits. Once step closer to a full come-back I guess!


⚫ An alteration of R-15’s broadcast schedule has transpired already, with BS and TVQ (Kyushu) no longer airing the anime. Poor people on the Island of Kyushu!

⚫ On the upside, Niconico has picked it up for free online streaming, as well as 5 other new titles (Idol Master, Penguin Drum, Twin Angel, Itsuka Tenma Usagi, and Ikoku Meiro). That means Niconico is airing almost everything! Of course, this is the Japanese website. It doesn’t seem like the English website has started airing all the anime that were hinted at on its channels page. Hopefully it’ll happen some day.. (source)

⚫ Sadly, the ratings for the first week of the new season of noitamina were only 1.2%, well below its standard last week, and around its lowest standard. I guess the premises of Usagi Drop and No. 6 didn’t generate much hype.. (source)

⚫ Angel Beats SSS Radio special compilation was put up on online from the 7th. But the important questions is, does this activity mean some other AB stuff might be brewing?

⚫ In line with the impending release of the last volume of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, a third season is planned! Not sure if there are any other Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu fans here, but it has become a bit of guilty pleasure of mine. Hopefully it keeps the fanservice qualities of the second season! (source). 2ch’s reaction seemed to be pretty ambivalent, or even little hostile. I think last season sold around 4000 per volume, so I guess that’s enough to justify more, and it’s good that fans get to see it wrapped up!

⚫ Hirano Aya tweets:’outside her dressing room her manager is talking secretly .. don’t be abusive!’. The implication is that it’ about here, but it’s a little ambiguously worded. Much like I got sick of Yamakan after his never-ending stirring up of controversy, I’ve been pretty over Hirano Aya of late, but this does get a little sympathy out of me. Still, the fact that she posted about it on twitter is a little silly..

⚫ This chart is a useful overview of the sales of original anime over the last few years:

As usual, I don’t have the time to translate the whole thing for those who don’t recognise the title, but I will make a couple of observations. I wasn’t aware of just how dramatically the number of original anime being produced has crashed since 2006-2008 (and I imagine similar numbers for 2004 and 2005). 2009 was really the year where the anime industry reflected on its position (except for GONZO which fell to the wayside entirely). But this change isn’t necessarily a bad thing – what really matters is how many SUCCESSFUL original anime we’re getting, and that hasn’t even really changed (in fact, I think by december, 2011 will look pretty damn hot!). We were getting many titles selling less than 1000 copies per volume, which was totally unsustainable.







SoranoKiseki PV


Mikunopolis – Hatsune Miku Concert @ Anime Expo 2011


Miyuki Sawashiro – AX 2011

7 thoughts on “Daily Intake 08.07.11

  1. I blame the lackluster ending of C and the highly divisive final ep of Anohana for the lukewarm reaction.
    Which is a shame really because usagi drop is really good while no.6 maintained the usual Bones high quality. On average this seasons offering is way better than last seasons ones.

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