Daily Intake 06.07.11

Ro-kyu-bu was BOSS. That is all.

Not sure what to watch next..


⚫ The producers for Kamisama Dolls have had a pretty awesome brainwave: they’re allowing fans to vote on the official website for what character and content they want to see in an omake for the BD releases! Voting is taking place here. The top 3 votes will be made as 1-min videos on the 4th, 5th and 6th volumes respectively. I think more anime should take this approach! Sadly, this anime doesn’t interest me at all..

⚫ A new single has been announced for Claris, which will have the music produced by kz again! It’s as a theme song for the 9th volume of OreImo I like ClariS quite a lot, so this is music to my ears (pun not intended, really). The title hasn’t been announced yet but it will be out on 14th of September. The ClariS duo will also make a cameo in the novel (like they did in the anime, I guess!).

⚫ Nekogami Yaoyarozu PV4 LINK. I am going to enjoy this anime thoroughly!

⚫ Manga magazines Business Jump and Super jump are cancelled and will be united into a new magazine (source)

⚫ Character designer for next season’s noitamina anime by BONES, UN-GO will be pako (who was the original character designer for Rental Magica). I like Rental Magica’s designs, although I never watched the anime. The writer (series composition) will be Shou Akawa (Nadesico, FMA). It’s also nice to see staff from some classic anime coming back for more! I just wish Shinichirou Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto would do the same! (source)







AMV: Pencilhead

This is definitely one of the more original ideas I’ve seen come out of the AMV community for some time! It was an enjoyable watch too, and I’ve always loved Fatboy Slim’s Right Here Right Now. That said, the AMV felt like it wasn’t trying to be an AMV to the extent that the inclusion of anime sequences felt out-of-place. I would have preferred it if it had used more anime scenes, and gone for more high-impact animation for the visuals instead of some of the more random moments. That, or not bothered with the anime at all.


Kurosaki Maon’s farewell message


Kalafina farewell message


9 thoughts on “Daily Intake 06.07.11

  1. Watanabe’s pretty much dicking around now. Who knows what he’s up to right now after his work on the Star Driver OP. Well at least he has that right to do what he wants.

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