Daily Intake 05.07.11

PROGRESS! I managed to watch some anime last night. Felt good bro. I’m not sure why, but my I leapt back into watching anime with the 48-minute long premier of JC Staff’s new anime adaptation: Kamisama Memochou! The result? PROFIT. Well, not really, but it was very enjoyable and interesting. I’m definitely intending to stick with this one as long as I can. Alice is both cute and a NEET role-model!

Tonight I guess I’ll tackle the spats anime, Ro-kyu-bu.


⚫ Mari Okada (writer of Ano Hana and many other successful anime, like Fractale :3) said in a magazine article that she wonders if Jin-tan and Anaru do go out after the last episode of Ano Hana. It’s interesting to hear speculation on an original anime after the end, especially as we’ll likely never get more of that anime. She says “tsukiaenjanai kana”, but, without the inflections of her saying it, I’m not too sure if by that she’s hinting that she thinks that they might be or is suggesting that she thinks they may not be. I think it’s the former~

In more important Ano Hana news, the first volume sold a shocking 31,069 Blu-rays! But wait, there’s more: it also sold 7,508 DVDs giving a grand total of ~38,000. Given that this is its first week, it’s certain to pass 40,000. It hasn’t had the highest ratings, but isn’t this noitamina’s best-selling anime to date? It beat Tiger & Bunny to become the biggest success of last season!

⚫ The first Berserk movie by Studio 4C has been pushed back to 2012 (source). That’s cool, I can wait! I AM starting to feel impatient about the next Eva movie though, especially as it’s allegedly still in a form of pre-production..

⚫ A ranking of manga sales by series for the first half of 2011 has been compiled. Of course, One Piece came first. Interestingly, Ao no Exorcist came in 2nd and Yondemasuyo Azazel-san came in 12th. Clearly, the anime has had a big positive impact on the sales of these two series! Other things I noticed, TO Love Ru Darkness came in 12th, and Naruto came in 19th. (source)

⚫ Dengeki G’s Vol. 19 will come with a Ro-Kyu-bu hug-pillow, so keep your eyes out for that one (no image yet). (source)

⚫ A gallery of a few illustrations by mangaka which were put up for Earthquake charity auction. The drawing of To-love-ru’s lala fetched a whopping 501,000 yen! Normally I’d shake my head at such crazy spending, but this is for a good cause, so I’ll bow my head to them instead! Personally, the Tegami Bachi is my favourite of the one shown on this page. (LINK)

⚫ Seems like there’s a new video up on the Keion website with a bit of new footage for the movie LINK

⚫ Tweets reveal that the mangaka of Lotte no Omocha is struggling with debt at the moment. That’s sad to hear. Even sadder is Astarotte no Omocha’s sales, at under 1400 volumes… what’s wrong with you people!? I intend to buy it when I’m in Japan, if I can still find it.

⚫ Sankaku Complex’s AX 2011 Cosplay Gallery post has some nice eye candy! LINK (apologies for linking to Sankaku Complex).







Yoshitoshi ABe Posts Art Process Video with Painter12


4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 05.07.11

  1. Hidan has more sales than lotte.

    there will be a lot to talk about in my lotte review….it’s such an interesting observation to the community.

  2. So it’s pretty much confirmed for Studio 4C taking up the Berserk movie series? Personally I feel disappointed that they didn’t choose to go with Yasuhiro Aoki as director (for movie 1 at least), but at least I don’t think it would turn out badly. Kubooka and Aoki did work together on Gotham Knight, afaik.

    1. Yeah, that was confirmed from the very beginning, really.

      I’m looking forward to this movie but I’m in no rush to see it either.

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