Daily Intake 23.06.11


⚫ The venerable Homura Nendoroid is here! Amazon link. It looks really great, and she comes with a cool collection of weapons. If you bought the Madoka one, you could have fun with this blowing QB away!

⚫ Akiba’s Trip complete guidebook (link). There’s some nice artwork for this game! If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a funny ecchi game set in Akiba (look at the title another way: AKIBASTRIP!). BEHOLD.

⚫ Looks like Yamakan is embroiled in a touch of controversy again, as he’s requested that the Fractale production committee cancel the manga serialisation of Fractale, following a blog post by the author lamenting the state of the manga (starting with, “I’m the one who understands the best that it’s not entertaining”). I guess Yamakan feels that Fractale is his responsibility and reacted to this, but it would be better for him if he washed his hands of it (like Mari Okada lol).

⚫ Working season 2 confirmed to start fall season this year (source)

⚫ Plans are underway for a movie-anime of Toshokan Sensou! (source). Toshokan Sensou tells the story of militarised libraries that must defend their freedom from censorship. it was originally adapted into a TV anime by Production I.G. I think that anime had one of my favourite EDs.

⚫ Another Gundam anime work has been announced: Gundam The Origin! I don’t know much about this, but if the name is anything to go by, I guess it will go back to Gundam’s roots, which is definitely OK by me! (source)

⚫ Hidan no Aria’s original author has made an unusually frank post on twitter saying that a season two of the anime depends upon the BD/DVD sales! I mean, that’s common knowledge, but it’s uncommon for staff to say it (maybe because it looks kinda desperate..). (source)

⚫ All 24 episodes of Lucky Star will be screened for free on Nico Nico, and with Chinese subs too! (maybe we’ll get English subs one day..) (source)

⚫ Saki fans rejoice! New anime in the works … LINK







Kamisama Memochou CM



Baka Test PV


Pet-dog Minchi!


4 thoughts on “Daily Intake 23.06.11

  1. one would think Hulk hogan would prefer manly shows like Fist of north star and alikes but pokemon? I guess his grandkids got into him XD !

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