Daily Intake 20.06.11


⚫ At a live event for A-Channel today, the director says he would like to continue doing more if it’s possible! (Source)

⚫ Haha, Kadokawa’s own official website posted a youtube embed of the PV for their upcoming anime Itsuka Tenma, but it seems it has been removed because it violated youtube’s Terms of Service!? What’s going on here?

Is this a mix up with copyright-related claims? Or could it be to do with the marginally sexual content that featured in the PV? I think it may be the latter, and that’s the conclusion that 2-channel came to in bewilderment. In either case it’s yet another demonstration of the fact that youtube is a steaming pile of shit for children.

In case you hadn’t heard yet, it also seems like Itsuka Tenma will have to be censored for its TV broadcast (but at least uncensored BD and DVD were promised) (source). Such a shame.. the PV had so much promise. It seems like the world is against Itsuka Tenma ;_;.

⚫ Women were asked what genres of anime targeted at adults would they like to see the most, and the big winner was ‘realistic romance’. Interestingly, they voted historical second and then mystery. I could get into that! (source)

⚫ Spinoff Manga announced for Hanasaku Iroha, “another youthful story” : ‘Hanasaku Iroha wa Green Girls Graffiti‘. Interestingly, it looks like it will be published on Bandai’s free online manga service, http://www.comic-gekkin.com.






Manyuu Hikenshou PV2

You know, this actually looks kinda cool..


Nakayoshi – The Spitz

This isn’t anything new, just a bit of nostalgia trip. Anyone else remember this charming insert song from Honey & Clover. I never finished that series, but this song somehow still has sentimental value!

10 thoughts on “Daily Intake 20.06.11

  1. Only the Japanese could make breast fondling that badass and still get away with broadcasting it. Or maybe it was just Toyosaki Aki that did the trick. I just hope it won’t become another Qwaser or QB and lands more on the Sora no Otoshimono side of the breasts.

      1. but it’s sooooo slooooowww. Yes, it’s beautifully done, but it’s like watching beautiful paint dry, ha.

    1. I appreciate that it’s well-made, but the genre really isn’t my think. There wasn’t enough drama or tension in it for me.

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