Daily Intake 17.06.11

I can’t believe I did it again! I actually wrote a Daily for Wednesday and forgot to hit the publish button! I’ve really got to watch that. Anyway, this has been a good week. I’ve managed to keep up with my 3 most important anime at the moment: Hanasaku Iroha, Kaiji II and Astarotte no Omocha. Hanasaku Iroha 11 was really sincere and dramatic (thanks to another Mari Okada script). Kaiji II episode 11 was also really good for actually adding a level of strategy to the pachinko plot.

⚫ On the official twitter account for Mayo Chiki they posted the impressions of the Animeshop (an anime goods retail store) staff, who apparently said it was entertaining, that the art was pretty, that episode two was sexy, and that Subaru is cute! (source)

⚫ Live performances by seiyuu unit LISP have been halted without further explanation. LISP is a trio of seiyuu/singers: Hara Sayuri, Asumi Kana and Kataoka Azusa. We heard a while back that Asumin was taking a break from her LISP duties due to “ill health”, and at the time a lot of people thought it was stress or something else (rather than a physical illness). It seems the writing may be on the wall for LISP. To be honest, it wouldn’t be any loss – as long as Asumin comes out unscathed! (source)

⚫ So Studio Ghibli decided to put up a protest banner in regards to nuclear power. I don’t know guys, if you’ve got a better idea for getting shitloads of energy relatively cheaply then I might stop and listen. But most of this hysteria about giving nuclear power the boot seems pretty stupid and unfeasible. The banner basically says that they want to make movies without using electricity from nuclear power. (source)

⚫ What great timing! The Japan National Tourism Organisation has released a fully English-language “anime tourism” map for Japan, showing all the hotspots of anime significance throughout the country. I say this is good timing, because I’m going there in a few months, and I’m keeping this as a reference for things to do! LINK




Preview for the Live Action drama version of Arakawa Under the Bridge

You know, this actually looks kinda cool..


R-15 PV

Confirmed for pantsu anime! Honestly though, I’m not expecting much..


Dantalian no Shoka

This reminds me of Gosick quite a bit..


Mawaru Penguin Drum CM 5


Kamisama Dolls PV

8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 17.06.11

  1. I’d say Ghibli has more problems than nuclear power. Miyazaki/Takahata aren’t getting any younger, and the first film by Miyazaki’s son didn’t really fare that well, and Takahata may be too old to make another movie. It may just be a needless worry now, but who knows what’s going to happen in a few years.

    1. Seriously, and great point Washi about Nuclear Power. If anyone has any better ideas for Japan, I’m all ears. Granted they need to ensure that the plants are up to par with safety standards but still, until a Japanese scientist finally figures out how to create a stable fusion reactor they all need to calm down with their anti-nuclear stance.

      1. It’s easier to be in protest about something than to come up with a solution. If they get their way, Ghibli may need to stock up on candles..

      1. I’ve yet to watch Arrietty myself, but I guess it’s good he was successful in his first job–though I think Arrietty being a Ghibli film may have had more than a hand in it…

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