Daily Intake 14.06.11

⚫ So MAL’s top 30 anime ranking made its way onto the hugely popular Japanese blog site, Yaraon in a post titled “Foreign highest-rated 30 anime”. I hope they have the decency to see past MAL’s horrible taste and remember that it’s not a good representation of the popularity of anime overseas! For example, Gintama is now the highest rated anime on MAL! There are so good anine sprinkled throughout the ranking, but many seem to be in the wrong place. I like that FMA:Brotherhood is ranked 2nd. It’s not my second favourite anime, but it at least deserves to be up there!

⚫ Live-action music video for Yuruyuri’s OP LINK (Nico embed)

⚫ Ika Musume will be out on DVD in the US soon, having been licensed by Media Blasters. Episodes 1-6 will be sold together for US $25.00. This also made it’s way onto Yaraon, where many Japanese commented on the fact that it seems cheap! I still feel a little sorry for them having to pay so much for their DVDs/BDs, but they DO get better extras!

⚫ Weekly DVD/BD Ranking Observations:

    -Oniichan no Koto Zenzen… volume 4 has only sold a combined ~2500 discs, putting it below the manabi line.
    -Tiger and Bunny vol.1 BD limited edition continues to sell very strongly – over 19,000 copies after this week!
    -Madoka Magica BD vol.2 isn’t far below the first volume, having sold over 58,000 copies now (vol.1 sold 64,000)
    -Infinite Stratos vol.2 DVD+BD is heading towards 35,00 copies in total, which is a pretty stellar performance.
    -A-channel BD vol.1 limited edition has sold about 4,700 BD copies now, which is a safe number.
    -In its 10th week now, Gundam UC vol.3 has sold over 105,000 BDs! That’s Gundam for you!

⚫ Some storyboard’s from Tiger & Bunny episodes 1,6 and 9 LINK




Madoka Magoca Improv. Dance


8 thoughts on “Daily Intake 14.06.11

  1. I really like the fact that Media Blaster’s have picked up Ika.

    Not only am I expecting a very good dub out of them but some fucking awesome extras as well.

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