Daily Intake 12.06.11

Warning! This post contains an excess of PVs! The pre-season hype time is here!

⚫ Translation of a 2channel discussion on what K-ON would be like of it was American. Good for a laugh! LINK

⚫ A survey was done that asked the question ‘which manga that has already finished do you want to see resumed?”. The results were interesting mainly because of the percentages. Slam Dunk came in first with 46.9% of the responses!! That was followed by Dragonball (15.2%) and Rurouni Kenshin (13 %).

⚫ An article about the boon that fans of the anime Hanasaku Iroha have had on the area in which it’s set. Fans making pilgrimages have significantly increased the customers for onsen hotels in the area. Unfortunately the actual hotel that is the setting for Hanasaku Iroha no longer operates. Otherwise, imagine what an otaku hotspot that would be come! (a wretched hive of scum and villainy?).

⚫ Hirano Aya apparently thinks that 3 marriages is a good number to have in your lifetime! Or at least that’s what she said on a recent TV appearance. I feel sorry for her first husband.. Hirano Aya seems to have decided to go into Yamakan’s business of whipping up publicity with “colourful” comments. Well, she’s more of a TV idol these days anyway, rather than a seiyuu (by her own choice).

Umakoshi animation works available on Amazon. This would definitely be a worthy purchase if you’re into collecting anime drawing books. I’d be interesting to see Umakoshi’s genga.




Sacred Seven PV2


Ro-Kyu-Bu PV

Oh my god it looks mediocre. But still…dem spats.


Kamisama no Memochou PV

In that usual JC way, I’m expecting this to be enjoyable and interesting, but probably forgettable.


Higurashi Kira PV

Looks like there’ll be plenty of fanservice and fun in Kira! That’s pretty much what I’m after for this new Higurashi OVA, since the best story is already over and done with.


Preview of the Mayo Chiki OP sung by Kitamura Eri

11 thoughts on “Daily Intake 12.06.11

  1. I wonder if A-channel change is related to certain law…
    Higurashi ova looks good It seems it will go more on the novel pervert style standard instead of the most soft anime ones. this fist DVD is part of the original novels after all.

    1. It wouldn’t be related to that. It could be that the artist wanted redraw it to fix the art style and had a change of heart about the pantsu. Whatever the story, it’s pretty dumb.

  2. Umakoshi’s animation book should be cool, if only to see which scenes he included and whatnot. Other veteran animators putting out stuff like that would be cool too.

  3. I still consider an abomination against everything that is Higurashi.

    I mean, seriously? Mahou Shoujo in Higurashi? Now you’re just trying to piss us off

    1. How can it be against everything that is Higurashi when it itself is Higurashi?

      I like the darker and more plot-heavy side to Higurashi, but it did always have a pretty in-your-face fanservice element too, which is usually a lot of fun. The pool episode in the last OVA series was a riot.

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