Daily Intake 09.06.11

⚫ Upcoming anime adaptation, Yuruyuri PV can be seen here (A nico embed). While the premise sits well with me (lots of cute young girls and psuedo-yuri antics), I’m not exactly enthused by this particular PV. My QUALITY senses are tingling. I’m expecting something in the vein of A-channel without the classy production.

⚫ Via twitter, Madoka Magica Guidebook revealed, titled “You Are Not Alone” and to be released on the 27th of August. I thought Eva already had that title (well, almost)!.

⚫ Websites up for upcoming noitamina anime, Guilty Crown and UN-GO (see yesterday’s post). UN-GO’s site is kinda cool! Guilty Crown’s website, however, is extremely cool!

⚫ The first episode of next-season anime, God’s Memo Book will be a 60-minute special broadcast on TV! That’s pretty unusual and will be really interesting to see. (source). The first station to show it will be AT-X on the 2nd of July.

A post on the website Moca revealed a bunch of screencaps from the first episode of Mayo Chiki! I think it looks pretty interesting!


    ## Kaiji 10 was pretty good; the next arc is being set-up quite nicely, although I doubt it will have the longevity of Chinchirou. I wander how they’ll add in twist of strategy to this set-up: pachinko!

    In other news, I just finished adorning my room with some new Megami posters! I felt it was time for a change. I haven’t bought an issue in a while so it was all starting to feel a bit out-of-date. I deciced a while back that I wasn’t going to take up more wallspace than I already have, so now it’s a serious task of replacing posters rather than putting up new ones. So, now my den is graced with the Hanasaku Iroha girls bathing, an Astarotte poster, an Infinite Stratos poster (CHAR!!!!) and, my favourite addition: a nekomimi cosplay IM@S poster! Feels good bro. One of the posters I took down surprised me when I saw the other side – it was a sexy Weiss Schwarz poster! Of course, I didn’t know what WS was back when I fist got that poster so it didn’t have much appeal. But now it’s a different matter!




BRS Game Opening

Produced by Ufotable, apparently. It’s beautiful!


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi PV

Wow..panties everywhere!

10 thoughts on “Daily Intake 09.06.11

  1. I’d watch Itsuka Tenma no Kurousagi just because they got the narrator guy to do the voicing for the PV. He’s like the Norio Wakamoto of the western world.

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